June 12th, 2005

Doctor Who - Martha

I met Book!

I got to meet Ron Glass today--he was a surprise guest at Fan Odyssey, the convention I'm attending this weekend (and might be back next year too!).

He didn't give us any spoilers for Serenity, and it wasn't quite as good as making it to a screening (I still haven't yet :-( ), but whee! He talked about the show, said it was one of his best acting experiences ever as far as relationships with the cast, ranking right up with his time on Barney Miller. And he said he loved that Book was sortof the conscience of the crew because it gave him "automatic meaning" or something like that. He also said the "special hell" scene and scenes like it were extremely fun. *grin* And that he hopes there will be "two or more" Big Damn Movies.

He's VERY different from Book in real life--much less reserved and more constantly in motion--but I think they have a common depth and sense of philosophy. (When someone asked him what his favorite word is, he said "belief," for example.) He connected instantly with a crowd mostly made up of people who didn't know him at all or knew him from Barney Miller way back when (it isn't a Firefly/Serenity con) and at least two con-goers who hadn't seen Firefly are now going to get their hands on it thanks to him and his demo reel--which had scenes from "Serenity" (the pilot, not the movie), "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and I think "The Message"--with a little help from my enthusiastic description of the show. *grin*

All in all, it was a fantastic experience, if brief, and he definitely made my weekend. :-D
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Boston Tickets

I figured people were posting that they had extras, i mine as well ask if anyone has them.

i was able to get 2 (yesterday i was singing, Maria from West Side Story in thanks to her.. hehe) but i have friends that are newer than i to FF that was hoping to take, so if anyone has 3 extra tickets, or really 5, but that 2nd couple has seen it before.
i would love you forever :)
you can email me Graceful_shrimp at hotmail.com
but i also get comments emailed so however
Thanks and love to all

OH and also, i wanted to say that i started watching Firefly for a class project, and we played the themesong in class and everything, it was wicked shiny
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Hello! Newbie here!


First question...I read on Dusk till Dawn a Buffy and Angel Fansite that Joss has ordered more screenings. Why? The movie comes out in 4 months, I understand if Joss really wants to get the movie out there but I dont think he has anything to worry about. I love Firefly and will see the movie dozens of times and even will buy it on DVD. I just wondered thats all!

Also, I am glad to join this group!
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Firefly - ’Serenity’ Movie - UK Screening News

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