June 13th, 2005

butterfly woman

Sending signals...

Just a random question for all you Browncoats. I am a club president at my college, and since we have access to a rather nice screen and projector, there have been (very vague) thoughts of holding a showing of Firefly, to promote both the show and Serenity. What I am wondering is, if we open it to the public and a lot of people show up, would we be breaking laws? We wouldn't be charging anything, of course, and it's been around for a while so it's not like we are preventing people from buying it. In fact, we are encouraging the opposite. Any one have a clue?
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St. Louis and Cincinnati tickets for cost

Hey I'm a newbie with a strong tendency to lurkerdom but I had to come out of hiding to let you all know that I have some extra tickets to the June 23rd screening that I'm looking to sell at cost.

I have two tickets to St. Louis and three for Cincinnati at $10 each. If you're interested please email me at dyl16(at)yahoo(dot)com.


ETA: Zoniduck comes through again! Tickets are all sold out!
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Everyone saw Serenity

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I swear some of you guys are online ALL THE TIME. Every time there is a showing near my house, it's sold out by the time I get my credit card.

And September is so far away. *sighs*