June 16th, 2005

the doctor

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i am excited to see batman begins, just so i can hopefully see the Serenity trailer!

WEll...im really here to ask a question...what is the exact order of the episodes? I looked at numerous places and it always seems like the last episodes are always in a different order.


My brother and I just got back from seeing "Batman Begins" and guess what I saw...
Him & I were freaking out thru the whole thing. When it first started him and I jumped and hit each other and gasped haha. Tears almost came out of my eyes from seeing it on the big screen, just knowing it's say 107 days away from opening...(I'm counting)

though... at the end of the preview I started clapping and I was like "That's right, that's right". For what, I have no reason. I think it was just the shock of it all and some loser asshole made a stupid funny laugh at me. I was so close to turning around and saying "suck it" to him. :]

It looks wonderous. That's all I can say. <3