June 18th, 2005


Trailer on the big screen! :D

We got lucky and the Serenity trailer was shown before Batman Begins.
Oh man seeing it on the big screen is...indescribable.
Even though I've seen the trailer a million times online, I still got goosebumps and, yeah, even a bit choked up again :)

yeah, I have an irrational love for that ship and her crew...but I'm guessing that I'm not alone there ;)
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Firefly in battlestar galactica!

In the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, at 14:44, the camera is looking out the window in the doctor's office, and I swear on my pretty floral bonnet that there is a firefly ship that flies through the sky. If someone could help me figure out how to take a screenshot of the video in linux (It's only copying a blue screen instead of the video's image), I could prove it.

But I swear to god it's a firefly. It's a clear shot, relatively big. There's no mistaking it.

Fucking awesome.

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Justice League Unlimited

OK, so I'm sure that people have said before that Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarian are voices on Justice League Unlimited, because I've read it here before, but I just saw an episode with Mal! OK, so it wasn't the character Mal, but it was Nathan Fillion and he was playing a cowboy guy. I didn't catch the character's name, but he was a cool cowboy guy that sounded a lot like Mal. So, is this because the people who make Justice League Unlimited just LOVE Firefly, is it because the fans will always notice, pass on the info and get more fans to watch, is it because the cast of Firefly is such good actors? And is Alan Tudyk anybody? Because if he is I'm rushing out and getting a couple action figures of that guy, one to put in my car and one to have signed. So, yeah. I'm a fanboy and I'm proud of it.

Picture of Firefly

Hey, i havent gone looking yet but i was wondering if anyone had a pic of a Firefly (the ship i mean)

im thinking of making a shirt

also on a personal note im thinking of making a shirt that says
"I may be awkward and medium height but i am still the Gracefulshrimp"
i love iron on transfers!

but i wanted to make a Firefly shirt for this thursday, so im looking for an image!

also, is there a browncoats dinner before hand planned for Boston?
any lj-ers going to the boston screening?
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