June 20th, 2005

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In an inexplicable bout of moon-brainness, I saved a Firefly mood theme and forgot to re-name the file with the LJ user name of whoever made it. So, now I have a beautiful mood theme I'd love to use and no one to credit it to. If any of you browncoats can tell me who made it based on the images under the cut, I'd really appreciate it!

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Dragon-Con Parade: Firefly/Serenity Group

Hey all,

For anyone headed to Dragon-Con labor day weekend (as you know Joss and most of the cast of Firefly/Serenity will be attending as guests).

On behalf of the SEBC (SouthEastern Browncoats) I'll be spearheading the formation of a Firefly/Serenity group to march in the Dragon-Con parade Saturday morning. The parade is a blast, nothing like marching downtown in costume with streets lined with cheering crowds. I'd say hundreds if not close to a thousand people come out to watch the costumers/cosplayers parade by. Its definately well worth getting up early (or in some cases pulling an all night Friday Night).

Consider this an all-call for costumers/cosplayers to join me in the Sat am parade. Anyone interested email me: Subject: Dragon-Con Parade to TechieCL at gmail dot com

There's no requirement on quality of costume. Be as screen accurate as you'd like or simply have a costume inspired from our favorite series.

Look forward to meeting everyone who joins up.


The SEBC, the night before (Friday) will be hosting a Firefly/Serenity costume competion at the SEBC sponsored Shindig. It will have an original (screen accurate) division and an "inspired by" division.