June 21st, 2005


Happy Birthday to me!

Well today is my birthday...and all I wanted was tickets to the Tampa premier of Serenity. I thought all was lost, but alas my Honey produced two tickets and now I get to go.....SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Im so happy I could just.....well you know. :)
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Newbie and Question

Hi, I got sucked in by the trailer and started looking online. Now that I've seen the DVD's...I'm hooked.

But I had a question, what does the whole "Can't stop the signal" refer to? I thought it was just like a fan thing...but it's on the trailer too.
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just another one of those newbie posts...

Oh, fuck me. It totally didn't occur to me that there would be a LJ community for Firefly, until somebody posted on my flist about watching the show and I had to search for one! Anyways, my name's Tim, and from the Toronto region. I was one of the incredibly lucky few people who managed to catch Firefly when it was still being aired way back when on Fox. They were on Friday nights so I used to not go out specifically just to watch the show, kind of lame, but it was definitely worth it. My favourite episode is probably Ariel, though I haven't watched it in a long time now, I just remember being really thrilled with the blue hands arc getting tied into the overall story as well as the idea of Simon orchestrating a heist. When the show got cancelled, which was inevitable I knew, I used to visit fireflyfans.net all the time to see what I could do to help out, and when news that a DVD was being released with new episodes, I totally bought it the first day that it came out. Anyways, I'm thrilled that the movie's being made and will be coming out soon. Definitely looking forward to that. But yeah, just wanted to pop on by, say hi and then shrink back into the shadows.


Do you need a room for Comic Con...

This is indirectly related to Firefly but whatever. First let me say that Serenity is going to be a Comic Con this year. A friend and I over booked a hostel by one bed. The hostel is about a block away from the convention center and as an added bonus, if you're a Harry Potter fan, it is literally across the street from the only book store in the Gaslamp district. Also, it's about 22 dollars a night. I would hate for this bed to go to waste especially if someone needs it. Please get back to me if your interested :) crymearivers[at]yahoo[dot]com
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So devalis and I made us some firefly t-shirts!

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As you can see, they are amazingly beautiful and read "Cleveland Browncoats" on the back. Its clever, you see, cause our NFL team is the Cleveland Browns and their colors are brown and orange. We will be wearing these to the screening of Serenity in Columbus on Thursday!!

pictures x-posted by devalis to a few other places, and x-posted by me in my own journal.