June 22nd, 2005

Columbus, OH - (tickets gone, sorry)

I have two extra tickets for Serenity in Columbus, OH. Show starts at 10pm Thursday:

Lennox Town Center 24
777 Kinnear Road
Columbus, OH 43212

Comment here if you want to buy one or both for face value ($8.50 plus the $1 service fee I was charged, each.) You can pick them up from me at the theater tomorrow/Thursday night - I'll be in line early.

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Hope this hasn't been linked to before. =)

Haven't listened to the whole thing yet but whedonesque has a link to a Podcast, concerning Firefly.

Podcasts are mp3 files, kind of like radio shows. I think this one goes for 50odd minutes.
You don't have to listen to it on an iPod.

EDIT: Listened to the whole thing last night. Fantastic. Works for browncoat veterans and those fresh out from the core. There is even a spoiler warning for the audio of the trailer for those worry about that sort of thing.
The section on how to swear in Chinese is educational.

It is so.

I have arrived, you can all relax now

I'm new to this community though I'm definitely not new to Firefly. I have loved the show from the first episode they showed on Fox and have remained a devout fan. Yes, folks, I have fully crossed over to the brown side. Oh, and everyone check out my personal mood icons if you have the chance, I went through hell finding a scene for every mood!
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