June 24th, 2005


Serenity Now!

I will be bringing all of you to see Serenity, the Firefly movie, just as soon as it comes out.

And I wish you all could have been there last night when Mr. Ron Glass, who plays Shepard Book, came and spoke to us both before and after the movie about his experiences with the cast and the show and ultimately the movie. (I got to see him. I got to speak to him. And I was very proud of myself becuase I neither jumped him, clung to him helplessly, nor asked him to sign my breasts.)

I was overwhelmed. In moments I was so totally taken in that I don't think I have ever let a movie get to me like this.

Spoiler free warnings:

It's a stand alone movie. It's easily full enough of information, clarification, character love and Whedonverse manipulations to bring in someone off the street and introduce them for the first time. --If you have not seen it, this will not happen to you anyway. You need to tell me that you have not seen Firefly at all, and I will bring you to my home and make you watch every episode. Promise. If you see it, you will want to own it. If you own it, you will want to see the movie. And to see the movie is to covet ownership, so you can share it with your friends. I speak as one of the converted.

There were moments so frightening I was jumping right in my seat. It is very scary. There were a couple of times that my sweetheart, B!, and I were in sync, actually grabbing each other's arms at the exact same moment and trying to argue which one of us yelped.

There are moments so funny you almost laugh right through the next, probably plot relates, lines.

And there are moments so sad I almost cried right in the theater in front of a hundred other Browncoats.

Oh . .. that's one more warning.

If you aren't a Browncoat when you go in . . . you will be when you leave.

The lighting the music, the sets--oh those familiar sets, how happy I was to see them again!

From my heart in my throat opening, to a sob caught in the same place ending, I have been touched by this film.

And I will expect to see all of you there, September 30th, fighting for ticket availability.

Buy Early, Buy Often. Can't Stop The Signal, but we'll have to get the word out ourselves.

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My Turn *spoiler free*

Ok. So I saw the movie. *breathe in, breathe out*.

Now that I'm sitting here trying to describe it in print, I realize unfortunately that I can't type out the sounds that I make when I'm trying to describe it in person. I'll try to do it this way:

You know how you felt after having seen the season on television and then seeing the pilot, which you knew was going to be the last episode? How completely and totally supremely satisfying those 2 hours of televisiony goodness were? How you were breathless after they escaped the Reavers at the end, how you had taken notes of all the everything that had made it so perfect: Wash and his dinosaurs, Jayne doing the math ("nothing from nothing... carry the nothing"), delerious Kaylee, River in the box, Simon's monologue (not to mention getting punched TWICE), the way Book beat the hell out of the Larry the Law-Man and Mal's single shot to his head? How you bled on the inside because you knew they were going to cancel the only good thing on television and even though you'd signed all the petitions and blasted on all the websites and turned all of your friends to the Brownside where was nothing you could do but wait for the DVDs to come out and read fanfic to take the edge off of your cravings?

Maybe you don't. But if you do, take that and multiply it by infinity and take it to the power of eternity and you'll have one bazillionth of an idea of how I feel right now.

It was just so GOOD. The first half hour is riddled with hilariousness and the rest of it follows, only adds action and drama and special effects up the wazoo. If it were possible for me to see it again all day today and tomorrow and Sunday and then twice a day for the next two weeks, I would not be here updating my livejournal. And I'll probably spend my whole month's worth of pay on movie tickets when it does come out in September because it's completely worth it.

"We've done the impossible. That makes us mighty."

Joss says that before the movie starts during his shpiel about how this is all because of the fans. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who finished the phrase or got chills when he said it. And it's true.
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flying spheres

spoiler question

i simply want to know the answer to one question in the briefest possible terms.

is the film a continuation of the tv series or is it a retread of the tv series?

im wondering becasuse my flatmate is wondering is its designed to appeal to new fans or to existing ones.

if you answer this please enclose NO spoilers. i merely want to know if the film is a retread of the TV series or if it is designed to attract new fans who have never seen the series before?

thanks in advance people


Serenity Again

oh snap! I just saw Serenity in the Land of the Dead movie. I didn't think it was going to be on because I saw the premiere on Wednesday and it wasn't there, but tonight it was so I was so excited! My only other browncoat friend was with me too and we freaked out! I freaked out even more but eh. haha It was my second Serenity sighting on the big screen. gah :]]]]
It's just I cannot believe it's going to actually happen. I love seeing it on the big screen. It's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
I'm going to have to save up all my money for when September 30 comes around because I am going everyday for a week or more to see it.
<3333 Just thought I would let you guys know just incase you see Land of the Dead (which wasn't bad by the way)