June 27th, 2005


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So I'm glancing over the Toronto Star as I walk down to the bus stop from my house today, and BEHOLD WHAT DO I SEE!? Front page of the Arts & Entertainment section, there's a huge photo of a girl signing something. It's upside down. It's got Chinese writing on it. I try to see what it says. I barely make out SERENITY and JOSS when I realise SHIT! This is Firefly! Imagine my excitement at 6:20 AM as I giggle myself through a freezing and incredibly long bus ride to the subway station. Heh.

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This weekend was the London Film & Comic Con, and I went yesterday to meet Adam Baldwin and see the premiere of the European trailer, possibly get preview tickets and general goodies as advertised. Adam was a joy, BUT UIP (the distribution company for Universal pics in Europe) did not turn up (on either day) so no trailer, screenings news or goodies. I got the feeling that they had not even been in contact with either the organisers or Adam.

I felt a bit sorry for Adam having to apologise for something out of his control. I've worded a pretty strong E-mail to them expressing my disappointment. On the plus side, Adam's Q&A was about 90% full as opposed to the one for one of the voice artists from Revenge of the Sith which was about 20% full. Browncoats were there in force - shame about the studio. Can't stop the signal - how about getting it across the Atlantic!!
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Hi Angelfan Here!

Hi! I'm new! I just joined LJ cause a friend said how cool it was and I wanted to
see if there were Angel or Buffy or Firefly groups and I see there are tons of them, so
I decided to join this one. I discovered Firefly last year cause people kept talking about something called Serenity and I asked and they were nice enough to tell me about it and just couldnt stop telling me about it, so I rented the show on Netflix and every minute of it, The dvd box set was on my shelf the very next week. Its such a great show! and I cant wait for Serenity!

A friend and I are going to make a shirt, use fabric paints and stuff instead of using sites like Zazzle and Cafe Press.

Feel free to add me I dont mind at all, I dont really have anything on my own LJ
cause I really dont know what to post yet but I will post stuff so if you want to add me
go ahead like I said I dont mind at all.

butterfly woman

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So now that it's official that we will be going down to Dragon*Con to see the wonderful cast of Firefly and Sir Whedon, my friends and I have decided to make costumes for the big parade and shindig (I believe someone from the Southern Browncoats? made a post about it). But my big quandry is how to make a Firefly inspired costume. I'm not quite sure where to begin, but I want to at least be recognizable to other Firefly fans out there. Does anyone have any fun thoughts/suggestions? Oh, and if you're planning on being there, let me know. I think it would be great to see other community members there!

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