June 29th, 2005


Little questions

Ok, this is going to be a post for people who have seen Serenity or don't care about being spoiled. There are spoilers ahead. Spoilers. Spoy-lers. They're cut, so don't worry about your fragile unspoiled minds.

Anyway, coming out of the advance screenings of Serenity, I've heard a lot of people with questions. Now, I'm not saying I have the definitive answers or anything. This is just my take on it.

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I was watching episodes of Friends this morning. And Ron Glass was in one! The episode (i've forgotten the title) where Ross goes to his lawyer to try and get the annulment for Rachel. Well Ron is his divorce lawyer. Did anyone else know?

I know its not a big deal or anything, I just like seeing these familiar faces popping up on TV and thinking 'ooh I know them!'. Hehe. =)