July 3rd, 2005

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too late

I just got into Firefly took me long enough & in this case, procrastination is the enemy. True I hear we're getting a movie in September, which may or may not be an ending/fulfilling/whatever. I'm sorry to all the fans, I helped save FarScape, Doctor Who FINALLY got renewed after 15 years... http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho I was also into The Invisible Man, which got 2 seasons. It's just a shame that a show which is this good & IMO is up there & maybe outshines FarScape had to get canned. FOX evidentally sold thier brains away with the crap they currently show. I'm not a troll looking for a flame war, just an honest guy who seen shows cancelled far too often.

As Jayne might say: it's a gorram shame... Looking forward to Serenity in Sept.
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Hey all...

I have been scouring the web for some help. I am in the begining stages of a rather silly project, I am making a comercial for BlueSun. Why would I make a comercial for an evil entity such a blue sun, basically for fun, to show my mediocre skills at graphic art, to poke fun at evil corperations and finally to ad to my personal portfolio of completely useless talents. What help do I need, well first I am poor and am doing all of this work on a 2001 summer edition iMac, no I don't want credits or platinum, I do however need footage and volenteers to assist in my stupidity. anyfrom from use of a DV cam to ideas for products I can show in the comercial. Where am I at in the project right now, I have the first 1 second done which is simply the blue sun logo flying out of a blue sun. I am working on my script and what Ideas I am going to put into the comercial, I was thinking of a 2.5 minute comercial so I have alot of room for ideas. Oh for those who do not know who blue sun is check out Serenity the movie or go to IMDB and look for a TV show called Firefly

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