July 7th, 2005


New Review: Firefly 1.13

The first time I saw this episode, I focused on all of the good points, especially the character development. It wasn't until later that I realized that there wasn't much more to the episode, and for that matter, there wasn't much of that in the first place. This was the only one of the unaired episodes that I read the shooting script before watching as well, and I think that it ruined it for me, because a lot of the moments I had been looking forward to had been edited out. For that reason alone, I have avoided the test screenings of "Serenity"; for that matter, I've avoided the vast majority of the comments and discussion on the new film. I certainly hope the film isn't like this episode!

Here's my review for Firefly 1.13: "Heart of Gold":


Overall, this episode is an interesting concept, and the resulting consequences were clearly the point of the entire situation. While the shooting script still contained a number of unfortunate flaws, the final cut left out some of the nuances, thus compounding the errors. The villain is never very compelling, and frankly, Nandi’s inconsistent characterization, a requirement of the plot, is a major drawback.
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Joss Whedon Is My Master Now

Hey Browncoats,

I just found out that the "Joss Whendon Is My Master Now" t-shirt is availible at thinkgeek.com. You can see it here:


However, this shirt is currently not avaible in the ladies design. If you ladies are like me and would like to see such a product become availible, I encourage you to do what I'm going to do: E-mail Willie who handles the product ideas at neo@thinkgeek.com and tell him that your a lady Browncoat and interested in such a product being released. If fan's voices got us a Big Damn Movie, maybe it could get us a t-shirt too...