July 9th, 2005

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Indiana Browncoats!

There is now a forum created specifically for those Browncoats who live in the state of Indiana.

The forum is here: http://www.jerrygordon.net/indybrowncoats

This forum was put up by Jerry Gordon (who is not me, but who asked us Indiana Browncoats on the Serenity boards to advertise for him) and is brand new as of yesterday. Jerry Gordon was the author (with the nametag, if you were there) at the recent advanced screening in Indianapolis and is the one who gave out 6 free tickets in a drawing to unlucky-turned-lucky Browncoats. Go him.

And as he said, Please take a look around, sign up, post, and pass the word.
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When I saw someone post a link to a site for Indiana Browncoats I figured I would add a link for the forum I'm a part of - the Richmond, VA Browncoats. If you live in or near Richmond, Virginia, come on over and check out the forum here: http://www.richmondbrowncoats.org

We have meet ups monthly and am always looking forward to meeting new fans. We're a pretty small group, but we get along very well and welcome new folks.

So, if you know any Firefly fans who live in central VA and who want to meet other, just as eager and excited fans, spread the word! Thanks!