July 10th, 2005

Say Hi to Ciera for Me!

A Simon/Kaylee Fanmix

Hey Browncoats!!

Here's a mix for all you out there that happen to be Simon/Kaylee shippers.

Oh, don't know what a fanmix is? It's like a soundtrack about a certain movie/tv show/character/pairing put together by a fan. Check it out, at the least you can download the songs, right?

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Yousendit links, cover art, and RAR file with all the songs and cover art under the cut.
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just thought i'd mention, to any UK fans that at 10 tonight (yes under an hour) on channel 4 is the movie 'Blast from the Past' which features our lovely captain, Mr Nathan Fillion as the ex boyfriend of the lead character Eve, in the movie. and we get to see him in a bar fight, not set in the west!!