July 14th, 2005


For Puget Sound-area Firefly Fans!

If this has already been posted, I apologize for the repeat; just wanted to share. I saw this post on the bboard on the Sci-Fi channel's Firefly website:

Hey all you PNW Browncoats, it's official!

On September 17, 2005 at 7:00 PM, Kirkland Performance Center will be showing 4 episodes of Firefly: Serenity Parts 1 & 2, Out of Gas and Ariel on the Big Damn Screen.

Tickets will be $6.50 + $1 service fee. There will be concessions, giveaways and a Jaynestown sing-along to liven up the night.

To order tickets, please call (425) 893-9900 or go to our website: Kirkland Performance Center. The box office is open Tuesday-Saturday, 12-5 PM PST.

We have authorization from the studio and are paying royalties for this event. All proceeds (if any) from this event will benefit KPC, a non-profit company.

See you all there!!
  • corone


I just picked up my copy of the Serenity #1 comic.
(that is the 3 issue mini series by Image
that fills in the TV show/Movie gap in case you didn't know)

It is in Forbidden Planet in London, and should be everywhere
I got me the Mal cover version for my own self.