July 24th, 2005


Just doing my part

Today was a one day "mini" con in our area (FantaSci in Chesapeake, VA). My husband and I decided to set up a table to sell some of our collectibles so I took the opportunity to make copies of the Serenity flyers from the 11th hour site. By 1:00 I had to run out to make more copies! CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL!!!

Have a shiny day everyone.
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ummm, what the..?

So, today my husband and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to find some california king size sheets... Which are highly rare, apparently, yet we did find a wonderful fitted sheet for a decent price (since people seem pretty concerned about knowing that... *grin* However, on our search through the store, we stumbled upon this plaque:

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