July 27th, 2005


Ain't we just

As I just recently posted in my journal, I’m such a dork that I joined this community at 3 in the morning. Only here might people find it humorous that firefly based drama is occurring (of all places) in my fish tank. You see, I named most of my fish after Firefly characters and now I’m ending up with a surprising amount of inconsistencies. For example, Kaylee popped out fifteen babies in one night – all of which were killed/consumed by Book and Simon. I had to put Book to sleep when he fell ill, and Kaylee wasn’t too far after. River got pregnant by Simon (yikes), and Simon ended up being cannibalized by my catfish. Mal ripped Serenity to bits (but still lives!).. AND Saffron totally kicked Serenity’s ass so as they cannot be anywhere near each other without great ill favour.

At any rate, I’ve not been a long-time fan – it was only this past year when it was introduced into my job. Shindig is the one that did the damage, and now our store has it’s very own sacred Depot copy, and any employee would be more than happy to quote just about any episode.. though I’m still squeamish about Ariel.
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Serenity RPG

Okay, so my husband and I are the organizers for our big Serenity Week coming up in a couple of months. I'm taking the week off of work, we have friends coming in from out of town, we're going to rewatch the series. It's going to be a Firefly Festival. One of our group activities is going to be gaming, and our hope is that the Serenity RPG is going to be good so we're going to put that together.

My poll is: What kind of Firefly (series rather than movie style) game idea have you been jonesing to play? Or what do you think would be cool?

We don't have the character concepts from everyone yet, so it can't be character specific. Though, the general character types will certainly be represented. Or, if you just want to share, that's fine too. :)
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