July 29th, 2005

some sillynesss.....

There wasn't much happening this afternoon...so i sat down and made these dolls of Firefly characters. i don't know what you could do with them....'cept maybe customize them and/or put them on your user info or webpage...or make a LJ icon. i used this doll-maker as a base and modified color/skin-tone w/ photoshop. whoo. in any case, i had lots of fun doing this, so feel free to just take and do whatever you like w/ them. ^.^

here's an example-

i tried to mimick the outfit River wore in "safe".

though they're not perfect, i hope you enjoy them!

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Serenity Trailer #3.

Serenity Trailer #3 (including the international one and the US one) just premiered on Sci-Fi at 7:50pm EST today, during the Firefly episode Serenity Part 2. It's an Apple trailer, in case anyone has problems with them.

The Future is Worth Fighting For.

Also, if no one has noted this already, www.serenitymovie.com has been revamped and is looking a lot prettier.