July 30th, 2005

Illegal Alien

The Search for a Striking Pose

Hello browncoats. I am interested in making a firefly shirt for myself consisting of a monochromatic shot of one of the characters in an interesting pose and an appropriate one-liner. The absolute best possible shot (River holding the pistol out after having shot three alliance guards) is already claimed by my friend (bastard!), so I'm left to find the second best image. Any ideas? Better yet, anyone have any good screencaps, preferably of Mal kicking ass, wielding a pistol, etc?

List your favourites

What are some of your favourite lines? Personally, mine would probably be either the exchange of the dinosours "curse you sudden but inevitable betrayal!" or "I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you".
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Hi everyone, don't know if I've introduced myself, I'm Judith, first saw Firefly a couple of months ago.
I'm interested to know if any one here has patterns for clothes within the firefly-verse. They don't have to be exact matches, I'm not a cos player, I'm just a gal interested in nice clothes. I'm mostly interested in Rivers white vest thingy she wears in Objects in space.
I'm in the process of knitting a sweater similar to the one she wears in Safe. It's a variation, for starters it's not red, it's purple, but as I say, I'm not looking to dress up for cons or something, I just find Rivers clothes really shiny.
Sorry for rambling, it's hot and humid and I'm high on caffein
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sea urchin


When I went to Comic Con in San Diego I saw a signed Serenity poster that was Mal and River and I noticed the new one has River looking more rough and tumble.
Does anyone know where I can find a graphic of the other one? the not rough and tumble River?

Oh and does anyone ever find themselves talking Firefly in real life? because I certainly do. I find myself saying things like gorram(don't know if that's spelled right) when I curse and saying 'shiny' or talking like sweet Kaylee all like 'just don't seem right'