August 6th, 2005


Dragon-Con Parade Group Update 8/6

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Well folks, we're less than a month to Dragon-Con. I hope every is working on their costume and/or has it done already. (I'm in the former category).

* There was a slight miscommunication with the parade staff due to a hard-drive crash on their end. That issue has been resolved, and the Browncoats are confirmed as registered.

* Due to overwhelming preference, we will be going with banner design #2 ( . The banner will be 2 feet tall and 8 feet long in order to keep the ratio of that graphic.

* Times and palces. The group will gather between 8:45am and 8:55am by the HYATT Bar Saturday morning. We will travel as a group to the muster point: Woodruff Park (Peachtree and Auburn - about 4 blocks south of the Hyatt) between 9-9:30 AM on Saturday morning, 9/2. If you can't make the intial meet-up point, be sure to hurry up to Woodruff park before the parade starts.

* If you are planning to march and have not emailed me, you will be considered unconfirmed. Email me at TechieCL AT gmail DOT com

* The best news so far is we beat my original goal of 30 confirmed marchers. We are at 32 at the moment. The costume break down is as follows:

Blue Hand 2
Browncoat 2
Companion 1
Inara 2
Jayne 2
Kaylee 3
Mal 2
River 2
Simon 2
Wash 2
YoSafBridge 1
Zoe 3
10 unconfirmed costumes.

Let's shoot for 50 now. Let's show Dragon-Con that the Browncoats are out in force for the Big Damn Movie!
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Comic 2 is out

Just a quick note to say I found the second issue of the comic is out.
I picked up my copy on thursday in Forbidden Planet in London.
(they still had a few copies of issue 1 left too.)
The covers are Kaylee, Book and Zoe
(I got me a Kaylee)