August 8th, 2005

Fishy eyed

Firefly - Shh

Thought I'd share this vid I made with fellow Firefly fans...

Source: Firefly
Music: Shh by Frou Frou
Length: 2:15
Summary: I've been wanting to do a Firefly vid for forever, but I could never find the right song. Then I found this one and I instantly thought of Simon and River. They're so intriguing... So this is a video about their relationship, told from Simons point of view.
Download: AVI, 25mb or WMV, 10mb

If you're interested, you can find my other vids here.
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Just an intro: When Firefly was on TV, it was at an awkward time for us so we only got to see a couple of episodes. When we heard the show'd been canceled, we were sad and resolved to watch it on DVD. Well, 3 DVDs later and we're totally hooked (my husband put it best when he said "I think I have a crush on a TV show!" - he even made me put the theme on his ipod) and psyched for the movie.

My favorite characters are Jayne and River, maybe because they have the most potential for growth? Inara comes in a close 3rd, and then Zoe because I can't resist a woman who kicks that much ass.

I'm very glad to have found this community! From looking through the archives, I've gotten answers to a lot of questions I had.

I thought as Sci-fi fans you might be interested in this.
Sometimes our favorite movies are sadly underrated because they aren't as mass-marketable as the latest hollywood blockbuster.
imdb allows memebers(membership is free) to rate their favorite movies ( including this one , but I'm not trying to sway your ratings.)
I hear the wieght of your ratings go up as the number of your ratings go up. so vote on a few non-favorites.

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