August 11th, 2005



i'm leading a training next monday morning and want to do a couple of activities during it in order to a) clarify the purpose of what is being trained and b) keep everyone from passing out in boredom.

one of the activities revolves around quotes. i've already gotten some excellent ones from people ranging from shakespeare to bill clinton. but it is recommended that we throw in some random ones to keep it interesting. i'd like to throw in some the Whedonverse- Buffy, Angel, Firefly, etc... (meaning anything Whedon related- including interviews that cast/crew have done). so what are some of your favorites? share with me!! please! i'm kinda blanking on them right now.

the training has to do with building a team dynamic in a group and introducing families in order to build a comfort level (i work with Child Protective Services), in case that helps you think of anything. but they don't have to relate... they can just be ones that are important to you. or cool. or random. :) i'm not picky.


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ETA: thank you to everyone who gave me quotes!!! *hugs*
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Serenity Gaming

So. In our investigations (which consisted of asking the managers/owners of game stores) we've come to the conclusion that nobody knows when Serenity the Roleplaying Game is actually going to come out (at least around here) for general release. And, in fact, they haven't even ordered it yet for the most part. Which, in the gaming world, typically means that it's a couple months out. Since I've heard two release dates for the game, one being at the end of August after GenCon and the other being at the end of September when the movie comes out, this leads me to believe that it's going to be the end of September.

Does that mean we're not going to play? Are you silly? Of course it doesn't! We're just going to go ahead and plan on using a different system. The two up for debate now are Adventure and Buffy with the modified Serenity expansion that we got for it in an Eden Studios journal.

How will we choose?

I came up with a (rather clever I think) plan! Four of us are going to play in a game that the boy puts together, using the same characters that we're going to use in both systems. Same game, done twice, with the same characters, only with two different sets of rules. Then, we'll all sit around and gab about what we liked best about each system, what things we could port over if possible, etc.

If anybody wants a report when we're done, let me know, and I'll put something together.

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Mal's gun

It's been driving my boyfriend crazy - and thus me. And we can't have that. Does anyone happen to know what the heck kind of weapon Mal's gun is based off of? Specifically speaking, that is.
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