August 12th, 2005

King K

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I don't think this was already posted, but the new issue of Entertainment Weekly has a pretty big article on Serenity. This is different than the 2005 "Must List." I'd link to the article, but I don't know where I would find it. So, someone should post it, or go buy an issue today! ETA: It's the Fall Movie Preview Issue.



Fandom: Firefly. (Simon Tam-centric, but also heavily Simon/Jayne because. yeah ;P)
Song: "Between The Bars" by Elliot Smith.
Length: 2min 18sec
Disclaimer: Num, Sean Maher sure is pretty isn't he? That's about all the profit I'm getting from this.
Summary: Simon learns a few things about being out in the black.

Download it over here.
Kirk Fail

Hello there!

Hi!I'm isil80
and just joined this community!
After being "commanded" by my friends to see the awsome show,
I was hooked after watching "Jaynestown". And now I can't wait for the movie to hit this little land way up north, where I'm from.
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