August 14th, 2005

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I'm trying to find a base pattern to use to create a dress like the one Inara wore to the ball in Shindig. It's JUST what I'm looking for for a black tie wedding I have to go to in October ;)
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The whole time that I've been waiting for Serenity, I've been both excited and worried. Excited for the obvious reasons; worried because a substantial part of me is not convinced that this movie will be as good as the fanboys/girls say it is--those who've seen the pre-screenings.

Now, mark my words carefully. I'm talking about whether the movie will be good as a film, not as a season finale for our beloved show. The trailers look great as episodal material, but as a random movie, it looks pretty damn stupid--and I've seen the reactions of my non-firefly friends before I converted them... they made ugly faces and looked at me as I chanted "Firefly!" and just went, "...What is this crap?"

I'm worried because the only reviews/reactions I've read of it come from fanboys/girls, and they all gush about how great it is. The more sober reactions say that it is great for fans, but maybe not so great for non-fans. The "maybe" is what worries me. I have a feeling--just a feeling--that the maybe is a big Maybe. The ultra-weak posters and sputtering taglines don't help, either. Doesn't inspire confidence.

Couple days ago I found someone's reaction online that simply went "Ugh. Can't explain why my reaction is thus, because anything I say would be spoilers, but Ugh. PS, Joss, how could you?" ...and this got my worrying into high gear. Now, obviously, this is one person's lonely little opinion, but often in history has one honest, critical person been more keen than a hundred infatuated fans.

My question to you people is whether you share this worry.

And to you who have seen the movie, is it really a good film? Obviously nobody wants spoilers, but I'd like to know if anyone finds the movie has serious flaws, or potential flaws simply as a film.

Did anyone out there not quite enjoy it as much as they thought they would, or feel that it may lose the non-fan crowd?

This may be difficult to talk about without spoilers, but all I'm interested in is your opinions, perhaps backed up with non-specific discussion that SPOILS NOTHING! :) If you can't be non-specific, just give me your pure opinion.

PS, I'm not down on Serenity, I just am critical of the things I like the most, and I'd prefer something that is respected by many people over something that pleases only a narrow sliver of the spectrum. It would be nice if the film doesn't just get forgotten as some sci-fi action flic that was good for a chuckle or two.

EDIT: Some of the comments below have eased my worry a bit. More comments are still apreciated, even if they are redundant. Also, I responded to comments as fast as I could and there was always one fresh one after I pressed submit... that was a flurry!

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I apologise if this is old news, but I haven't seen anything about it here.

Firstly, I just saw the Serenity trailer attached to War of the Worlds in the UK!

Also, there was a wonderful article about Serenity and Firefly in the Sunday Times today. Here's the link. No spoilers in the article.

It's spread across two pages in the culture section of the paper. This is possibly the best newspaper in the UK that it could have been in to give it credibility, and they took it seriously, and have said it's "autumn’s most anticipated film". :D
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