August 16th, 2005

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new picture!

I couldn't really help myself! This is one shiny picture. Are you guys excited, or what?! There's also a spread in the new Entertainment Weekly, I'm gonna scan it once my scanner starts working.
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Newbie question

I just got the first Firefly DVD from Netflix and I have a question. What order are the episodes? According to the sleeve, the episodes on the first disc are "The Train Job", "Bushwacked" and "Serenity", but every episode guide I've seen shows a different episode as the third episode and Serenity is like the 11th episode. When I started the DVD, "Serenity" was the highlighted episode, which led me to believe that it was the first one. Which should I watch first? Thanks :)
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New member! Don't know if this has been posted before, or if Serenity might shed some more light on this...

from Wikipedia:
Fear conditioning is thought to depend upon an area of the brain called the amygdala. Ablation or deactivating of the amygdala can prevent both the learning and expression of fear.

I see two possibilities, regarding Simon's diagnosis in "Ariel":
1) Joss didn't do his homework
2) Simon was giving Jayne the nutshell version
3) Joss has something up his sleeve.

I've noticed in the series that River is generally higher-functioning when she's away from other people. It seems that she's unable to block incoming empathic information, and suffers from overload in large gatherings, depending on the stress level. She seems largely cogent (though slightly daft) when she's alone with Book in "Jaynestown," and when she's outside the ship in "Bushwhacked" and "Objects in Space." In the final episode, when River is physically farther away from any human being than she's been through the series, she sets a new record for coherency.

Overall, she seems to suffer various symptoms of schizophrenia and PTSD. But to me, it seems apparent that her biggest problem is a form of Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Why Simon didn't consider that aspect, or nobody else noticed "hey, River goes batshit whenever anything bad's about to happen" is kind of odd. I suspect in the Fireflyverse, psychic phenomena are still just as scoffed at as they are today, and so it just wasn't in the realm of possibility.