August 17th, 2005

Dr. Who  <3 TARDIS

Anybody know where I can find....

I'm in the "finishing touches" stage of building a "Browncoat Soldier" costume for Dragon*Con. What I'm needing now is either an artist rendering of -- or a good quality screencap of the patches and insignas.
The triangle patch on the left arm of the coat. And any distinct marks on the helmet.

Can anyone help?

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News on Serenity promotion in France

I got official words from a French UIP guy who thinks that "in a couple of days there will be very good news".

It seems that the trailer was sent in the beginning of August (with "The Island" for instance) but it's up to the theaters to decide to show it or not. Did anyone hear anything about that? I'm going to see The Island this eveninng to check that.

Here is a link to my LJ post with the complete reply - it's in French, of course, but if you guys want a translation, I'd be happy to do so.

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New Review: Firefly 1.14

It's with a sense of satisfaction that I finish reviewing the episodes of "Firefly" in the order that Joss intended them to be seen in. And yet, I'm also reliving the bitterness that comes every time this excellent episode ends and I realize that there could and should have been so much more. I take some comfort in the fact that "Serenity" is only weeks away, of course, and if the series had to end, this was the right place for it. But I still can't help but think of what might have been.

Here's my review for Firefly 1.14: "Objects in Space":

Overall, this episode is a nearly perfect combination of genre elements and philosophy on the nature of things. Operating on several levels in terms of the storytelling, this is exactly what “Firefly” was meant to be. Fitting, then, that it serves as the premature end to the series. One would expect the film “Serenity” to follow in these footsteps.
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Viral marketing?

Serenity begins viral marketing campaign.

First off, the video is not from the actual movie, but it's also not been seen before.

Secondly. Could someone explain to me what viral marketing is?

Editted to add that viral marketing is explained here: (thanks binarypunisher). I feel no remorse being a carrier. ;) And I recommend everyone spread it to their friends, so it can do its job as advertising.

Also, the clip is very creepy and might give you nightmares. So be warned.