August 27th, 2005

Max Headroom

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Hey everyone! Brand new member. I just got the DVD set from a friend, and spent the last 2 days watching every episode. Great stuff. It kinda seemed to me that one day someone said "Hey... I wonder what would happen if we mixed Cowboy Bebop and Final Fantasy and made it live action," and voila!

I was just wondering though, what's with the whole switching-to-another-language thing?


Also... I keep hearing about a movie from my friends. Is that out yet?
avengers // the pretties

To All Canadians!

CANADIANS! Trying to Browncoat a friend, but don't have the DVD's? Well, good news! On Labour Day, there is going to be a Joss-a-Thon on the SPACE channel which is showing three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer followed by the ENTIRE Firefly series and five episodes of Angel!

Just thought I would pass on the info..
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