August 30th, 2005


Oklahoma Wide Comic Shop Day


Here in Oklahoma land we're trying to organize a state wide promotion day at local comic shops for our BDM! If you're interested in participating, drop a reply here with some semblance of an email and I'll invite you over to our yahoo group to get in on the action!
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Has anyone heard of any tie-in books besides the comics? I'd love some further firefly adventures. Hell! I figure if they can do it for Resident Evil - Why oh Why can't they do it for Firefly?
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I know this has probably been asked plenty of times before, but I can also assume (like me) there are many new memebers to the community who have checked out Firefly because of an interest in Serenity. It took me just a little under a week to watch the whole series, and I look forward to actually getting the set for myself someday (I borrowed it from a friend). So, I'm going to ask:

What is your favorite episode?

It's a hard decision as each episode has a defining moment (or so I think). But overall, I think I have to choose Out of Gas.
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Suggestions needed ASAP

ok. So I have my replica of Mal's gun all primered and ready to be painted for the finishing tough on my DragonCon costume. But I've looked through so many screencaps and....I'm still confused... What id the best color to paint the thing?!? In some shots it looks silver? some it looks black with copper..... Help?
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"Standard" browncoat?

Okay, I've been putting some thought into the brown coat that a browncoat (Independent) would wear.

A lot of industrious fans go to a lot of trouble to duplicate Mal's brown coat from the series. The coats they come up with are tres cool, but...I wonder.

It seems to me that there's probably no such thing as a standard browncoat "uniform". I base this conclusion on the Confederates during American Civil War -- or the Union soldiers, for that matter. The troops were irregulars for the most part, and the "uniforms" varied as much as the troops. Some of the Confederate uniforms were even blue!

So...maybe the thing to do is focus on function, not form. A long brown coat, because brown blends into the terrain and the length protects the legs in the brush and trenches...braces (suspenders) to hold the pants up, because they're more certain than belts, especially if you're wearing a sidearm and spare ammo with the, for obvious reasons...and no hat because...well, it was the style at the time. :-)

I seem to recall that Zoe's coat didn't match Mal's in the series.

Any thoughts on the matter? Am I just rationalizing not coming up with a decent costume?
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What songs always remind you of Firefly?

Like maybe there was a song you were listening to a lot when the series first aired. Maybe the tone or lyrics of a certain song always reminded you of the characters or plot lines? Is there any songs you can think of?

I want to make another Firefly vid very badly and I'm completely out of ideas... If I end up making a vid to any recommended song I'd definitely credit you for the idea though! Or if you don't want me stealing it just tell me and I wont :) I'm mostly just interested to hear what everyone thinks of...
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