September 1st, 2005


Browncoat Hurricaine Relief Idea

Our area browncoat group was already planning on having a big shindig for the opening night of the movie and having some drawings for prizes, but we're working on turning it into a raffle to raise money for hurricaine releif.

We're also joining it up with a plan that we already had for a local comic shop day promotion we've been working on across the state, where browncoats would go to their comic shop and sit for the afternoon on the 28th and talk to people about the movie. We're hoping to broaden that out now to sell raffle tickets and get prize donations from the area stores for the project, giving the movie a great batch of publicity and doing our part as browncoats to help.

I think it's one of the good things about this fanbase that even in the beginning we were running 'Brown Coat drives' to try and keep our show flying, and now we can do even more.

If anybody else wants to do something similar I'd advise looking into your state gambling laws on raffles (here it looks like you have to be a registered non-profit group so we're going to talk to the Red Cross) and get in touch with your local merchants now to try and get them involved with any plans you have so they can publicize them on events calendars for their shop.

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Non-Judgment Day is coming

Does Anyone Know About...

...any Firefly/Serenity merchandising?

You know, action figures, models, toys of the Serenity that I can whoooosh through the house? T-shirts?

I hope so...

Heading out to see Serenity in less than an hour...

I am so excited I can hardly stand it...
x-files - space girl

You can't take the sky from me, because tonight I saw Serenity.

On Friday the moderator of PDX Browncoats received 75 passes to the Portland Oregon press screening that took place tonight. She took the names of everyone who wanted to go, along with friends they could bring (fans and non-fans). Today, because of some cancellations, she had twenty extra passes (one pass admits two people).Tonight when she handed them out to everyone in line, she still had more. The funny thing was, there apparently was a group of Asian people who received passes from, and the number of people who showed up and got in was the exact number of seats they had available. I guess a little synchronicity was at work tonight.

Oh, and the movie was AWESOME! It was my first time seeing it in its finished state (I got to attend two advanced screenings). I love the musical score and I love the story even more because of it. This is an epic film, and a shining moment for Joss as a writer and as a director. Someday I hope to meet that man, shake his hand and just say thank you. This is truly the story I needed.

You are all going to adore this film. I still cannot wait to see it again.