September 2nd, 2005

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Maybe I'm missing some obvious place to look, but...

Does anyone know when/if Serenity is coming out in other countries? Specifically Japan, as I'm going there in 6 days, and will be sorely disappointed if I can't see Serenity in Tokyo!
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Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the first issue of the Serenity comic book? I've looked everywhere, and all I can find is issue 2. very frustrating.
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I just have to say...

I expected to see the Serenity trailer before Hitchhiker's Guide.
I was disappointed.
I hoped to see the Serenity trailer before Batman Begins or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I was disappointed once more.

Then, when I least expect it and when I'd pretty much given up all hope of seeing it, I go to see The 40 Year Old Virgin last night, and THERE IT IS!

I practically had an orgasm just sitting there watching it. =D
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Doctor Who - Martha

What are we doing...? help Browncoats on the Gulf Coast? Y'know, our brothers and sisters for whom seeing Serenity has suddenly become much less important than just surviving? :-(

I can't help thinking we should do SOMETHING. The Alliance (AKA the US Government) sure isn't getting the job done. :-P
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