September 5th, 2005

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Inara's gowns

A friend of mine wants to dress up like Inara for the opening night of the BDM and I'm trying to help her find screencaps of Inara's beautiful gowns. I'm looking for a specific dress she wore but I can't remember what episode it was in. It's orange and green and kind of looks like kimono. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

ETA: angelite found it for me. It's not green, it's turquoise. It's from Shindig, and you can see it here.
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I am taking a break from being crazy and weird to post a fairly serious question. I've been watching "Firefly" on Sci-fi channel and at the end of the episode there's a glowy picture of the ship, but on the DVD it says in that same glowy way "Executive Producers Joss Whedon Tim Minear". Why is this? Is there a reason like they couldn't get the logo for the DVD set or is it something else? I was just wondering. And if this has been asked before, sorry, I missed it.

Looking into the hype...

Well, according to several people on my flist, Firefly was this great show that I just missed somehow. And everyone seems so excited for Serenity, plus, I did love Buffy and Angel, so...

Is there anywhere I could check out the first few episodes or something? I found one page to download from, but it didn't seem to work, and Blockbuster doesn't carry the show, so I can't rent it.

Any help?