September 11th, 2005

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The Big Damn Trailer

someone creative has put together a big damn trailer, and in his/her own words..

"I've put together a Big Damn Trailer for Serenity, the Firefly movie that opens at the end of September. Three official trailers have been released so far, and I squeezed them all into this big-honking seven minute compilation. It contains just about all the scenes in the three official trailers, plus a bit from the SciFi sneak previews, plus a few secret ingredients. There are no spoilers, apart from what you would have seen in those trailers or on SciFi."
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A very excited Browncoat

I saw Serenity for the third time last Wednesday. This was the final cut and it was a free preview showing. It is simply fabulous!

I finally have something exciting to report here. Thanks to a friend, I get to go to the Red Carpet Premiere of Serenity on Sept. 22 in Hollywood. Joss and all the cast will be there! Afterwards, we are going to the cast party!

Then, on Sept. 24 at Universal Studios, there will be a Serenity event. Joss and some of the stars from the film will be there signing autographs.

Is anyone here going to either event?
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