September 15th, 2005

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I am watching the series on dvd in anticipation of the new movie, and since I havent seen it in a while I forgot not only how well written the sho was but how funny iy was too. Watched the mtrailer last night and its nice to see that both are present...

You wanna run the ship? Yeah! Well.... //uncomfortable pause// ya can't!"

lol. the movie sure makes river seem a bit more la femme nikita don't it? that's ok though.

got me thinking though: whats the chances it pulls a Family Guy and gets resurrected as a tv series as a result? on the official movie sdite Whedon stated that after it was cancelled on fox, theys hopped it around but nobody could afford the budget.

seriously, if SF channel can afford BG, it can afford FF right now. that'd be the perfect place for it anway...


So I've been reading a few film geek sites (one of which is only lukewarm on Firefly) and they all seem to think that Serenity won't do so well in the theaters.

So my question for you all: how many copies of the series have been sold thus far?

I know that when Firefly was canceled it had something like 4-6 million viewers and was actually doing better then the "more popular" Buffy.

Seems to me that if all those viewers AND the new fans check out the movie on opening night--at an average of 9 dollars a ticket. Well those are some pretty damn big numbers for the opening weekend of ANY film in September. That's about 54 million, which is about what what the "record breaking" Emily Rose did last weekend...and Serenity will have what the most successful theatrical release films have, repeated viewings.

So am I loony? Put on your skeptic glasses please.
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Yes, I'm a loser and watch Survivor. That's not the point.

The point is that they just aired the first Serenity TV ad I've seen right after the show. Like, it goes to commercial after tribal council, and then I hear "Do you want to fly this ship?" "Yes!" "Well...-awkward pause- You can't."

I literally dove across the room.