September 16th, 2005

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Attention Seattle Browncoats!

I have an extra ticket to tomorrow night's screening of Firefly episodes (please note that this means the tv show, NOT the movie). ETA: Ticket's gone. Never mind. I'll leave this up in case any other Seattle folks want to buy tickets through the KPC website.

It will be at the Kirkland Performance Center. Here's the info:
"In gleeful anticipation of the September premiere of Serenity, KPC offers a sampling of the series that started it all. The evening will feature four Firefly episodes on our big big screen: Serenity parts 1 &
2, Out of Gas and Ariel, plus a sing-along, giveaways, a costume contest, Serenity merchandise from Universal and a viewing of the latest Serenity trailer."

It starts at 7:00pm and will theoretically go until 11:00pm or midnight. The cost is $6.50 a ticket.


Im a browncoat so I figured I'd post this question in here to see if any of you knew the answer because we're all Joss fans right?

Ok, my question is because I just watched the last episode of buffy, "Chosen". I absolutely love the music that plays when the Uber Vamps attack the new slayers. Does anyone know the name of this song or even better, a way I can get it? Anything would be appreciated! Thanks a bunch,
FF - Kahlee's Parasail
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Interview with David Newman, Serenity Composer!

* interviewed David Newman today, who, if you don't know, is the composer for Serenity. Go have a listen at the main site. They have a full-length mp3 file of the radio show which includes the interview and clips of his past works, and Serenity. The guy is just so versatile, going from one style to the other, whimsical to powerful to beautiful. And the ability to just turn on the dime. Just what Serenity needed...I can totally see Joss getting along with this guy, and him just being able to 'get' Serenity.

And damn! I knew all those Newmans had to be related! His brother is Thomas Newman (Finding Nemo!), nephew is Randy Newman, two other great composers. And he himself had done the Anastasia score. Gosh, I loved that score. And 'The Brave Little Toaster'. Haha. I actually remember it being a pretty awesome score for a cartoon. I myself can't wait for my Serenity Soundtrack to come.
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