September 17th, 2005

Jacket Silhouettes

More Icons

If you like them and use them I have three rules.

1. Comment

2. Credit

3. Enjoy

These were done as part of a request, I really think that came out nice. Jubal was one scary big bad! If you would like to add words please feel free.

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Melinda Clarke plays Nandi in Heart of Gold. She played a similar role in a serason 4 episode of CSI, a madamn of whorehouse, and she kinda had a thing for William Peterson.
Illegal Alien

The many jobs of space-cowboys

Last week I watched the television show "24", season three, and saw Gina Torres walk into a scene...

The next day I watched "wonderboys" and Alan Tudyk walks into a scene...

Tonight my friend rents "I, Robot", and I notice a familiar voice playing the part of Sonny: Alan once again.
reid thinky thoughts

New community!

I've just started a new challenge community - clearly there were not enough out there. It's called daily_prompt and each day a new theme will be announced. Participation in each theme is strictly optional, and there are no associated time limits. It's open to all fandoms and original work, and I'd like to see both writing and art.

I think of it as a challenge community without stress, and I'd love to see some Firefly writers there. Please cross-post as you think appropriate.
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