September 18th, 2005

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I am so happy I finally got to disc 4 of firefly where all the behinds the bonus stuff is. Now I know why everybody speaks chinese now & then, big war, armageddon, only superpowers left are the us & China, so everybody speaks both languages at least to some extent.

I really enjoyed the bonus stuff.

I also just wanna say that I really like Malcolms dialogue. His choice of words as well as the order in which he says them, they are very unique. Fact is I cant recall anyone with such a unique way of speaking since Data on Star Trek.
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Ok maybe someone has mentioned this before but when I usually try to describe firefly to frineds I usually start of with the "well its a sort of sci-fi western" about there i generally lose them till i tie them to a chair with duct tape and make them watch it. Then they like it.

But at Dragon*Con a couple of weeks ago (where i got to meet a lot of the cast, so nice) I heard a friend describing the show to someone more along the lines of this...

"Imagine the adventures of Han Solo without Lucas fucking it up."

That really started me thinking about the similarities between the two, both smugglers, both have a ship that resonates as much as a character as the other people. Heck they both even take on passangers that it turns out the "Empire" really wants to get their hands on.

Was just my thought, I am sure there are more or less similarities than this, but it's only an analogy.