September 19th, 2005

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New Firefly Community: fireflywaves

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you all know of a new community I created, so please do check it out. If this is not allowed, my apologies!

A Firefly Fanvid Community: fireflywaves. A place to post any type of FF related fanvid/video.

Join and tell your friends, and so on. Doesn't matter if you're not a vidder, just a nice little niche to find vids and so on.

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possible Spam email?

Has anyone else gotten an email that is from a "terrifichick16", Karen Jackson?
In my NE Browncoats list, many are thinking it is spam. If she clicks on the private email link, she can send emails but until you reply to her, she doesnt know what your email is, so then you get put on a spamming list

Here is the Email i got: (lj link bc its longish)
Collapse )

Has anyone gotten this and replied? is it legit?
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Midnight showing at the Drafthouse in Austin

Avast, me hearties! I know ye bilge rats'll be happy to hear o' this! The Captain o' the Alamo Drafthouse says that his fine establishment will be showin' Serenity a' midnight on the 29th o' September. Ye'll need a ticket, and some pieces of eight will buy ye one this very day.

Translation: Hey Austin Browncoats! The Alamo Drafthouse came through and is showing Serenity at midnight on the 29th (technically the 30th, of course). It's at the South Lamar location and seating starts at 11:10pm. I bet it will sell out, so get your tickets if you want to go!

P.S. Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
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