September 21st, 2005

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Serenity screenings around Bay Area, CA?

Hey folks. I'm a guy from the UK currently in Newark, CA on an internship. I *love* Firefly, and cannot wait for Serenity; I've watched the trailers so many times over the past few weeks!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any midnight screenings around my area. It's a bit of a long shot, but I'm having no luck with cinema websites. I don't have a car yet, but I'm hoping to prod some of my fellow interns into taking me, if there *is* a midnight showing. Screw work the next morning ;)

So yus, pleased to meet you all too o/
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Spoiler-free Serenity Squeeing

This doesn't serve much of a purpose, but I just wanted to write my thoughts down and share them with people Who Get It. Thanks for your time and space. :)


It was a little late, this screening. It was the last possible moment, pretty much, before they could treat us to one. But I live in Northern Ireland, where things like previews don't happen. We were blessed this tme. Unfortunately Vue completely stuffed up the publicity by NOT DOING ANY, so it was pretty neat to have well over 100 people show up last night. Anyway, enough binting about how rubbish Belfast can be, what about Serenity?

I knew it would be good, but I didn't dare hope too much. What if I built it up too much? What if I expected miracles and just got a very good film, but tainted by my expecatations it'd become an AVERAGE film?

As usual I was overthinking: Serenity was complete, utter brilliance from start to finish. It has everything: laughs, drama, love, war, and humanity and acts of sheer horror, in equal amounts: all human life is here. It just happens to be sometimes in space, sometimes on a spaceship. To say that doesn't matter would be doing a great effects and set team an injustice (I am not one of those people that care about effects, but they WERE fantastic), but you know, it's not the thrust of the movie. The characters in it, the things they do, they things they have done to them are the most important thing.

Now, I tried to look at this objectively. I soon realised that I can't, though. I was already in love with these characters before I saw the film. They're my characters, and what Joss Whedon puts them through is part of what fired up my emotions so much. We already know that Joss likes to torture his creations, making them put up with so much. But what has gone before, in Firefly and in his other creations, that is nothing compared with what this poor crew has to go through. It's relentless, but not in a bad way, in a way that will grip you. I don't know if people looking at this from an entirely new perspective will love the crew of Serenity as much, but there's still plenty to adore: Mal is on form, funny and angry and flawed in that way that makes him believable; Jayne is even more Jayne than usual and even gets to be the voice of reason; Kaylee is adorable (and got the biggest laugh of the night); and River... what can be said about River? You'll love her. You'll be scared of her, but you'll love her.

Being objective? Pah. That's for journalists. I love the film and the world it plays out in too much to be anything but ecstatic with what I saw. If you've not seen it yet, you'll love it too. If you already have, you'll know what I'm talking about. I'll be spreading the word. I'll make converts of everyone I know yet. I'll bombard them until 7th October is burned on their brains. Muwahahaha!

Firefly Television Series Soundtrack

I recently wrote an email to fox music requesting that they release a soundtrack to the Firefly series and they sent me a link to a album for digital download. check it out here:

Besides the theme song, it seems to be all instrumental. Unfortunately that means no 'Hero of Canton' yet. I can't download it until I get to my fast connection, but if you can, tell me what you think.
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San Francisco Bay Area Browncoats

By the way, any San Francisco Bay Area Browncoats going on the 30th? Got a group of thirteen people ready to see it in a theater somewhere around Concord/Lafayette/Orinda/Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill, depending on access to a midnight showing. I plan on bringing my guitar and doing a rousing rendition of Jayne's song in the queue. Speak up if you're from around here
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NYC & Serenity

Long story short, is anyone here from New York City and seeing Serenity on the 30th? If so, when and where? The 30th is my last day in the states and could think of no better way to say goodbye then to see Serenity, possibly with people...! So if you want to hang out with an Australian for the day, let me know!

Tall Card game

Hi all!
I'm new to the group and a recent discoverer of Firefly. I was watching Shindig tonight with the episode commentary and in it, the ep's writer said that when she made up the card game that the guys play around the kitchen table, she posted rules to it on "the website." Does anyone know what website that would be? The game's called Tall Card apparently and I've checked around some fansites but can't seem to find it! Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
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