September 22nd, 2005

Alright Chicago Let's Do This!!!

If anyone from the Chicagoland area wants to get together some peeps for the big event next week hit me up with an email or comment. I plan on geeking it up and going as many times as possible between Thursday at midnight and Friday early evening (I'll have work at 11pm at a bar on the southside).

BTW: Anyone heard anything about midnight shows Thursday night? I'm just kind of assuming they'll have one somewhere.
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SE Michigan Browncoat gathering

If anyone is looking for details on a South East Michigan gathering of Browncoats, email me (alem at livejournal dot com) and I'll add you to the evite list. We have 27 RSVP's and 57 who haven't gotten off their asses to tell us yet.

Here's some of the details:
To sum up:

Celebrate the release of Serenity by joining other Browncoats to finally see the Big Damn Movie!

Bring of your friends or come and meet ours!

If you RSVP using e-vite and show up, you'll earn 1 raffle ticket, we'll be selling more at the show $1 each or an arms length for $5. All of the funds collected will be donated to the Red Cross and Humane Society.

Raffle prizes include: Serenity pins, Serenity and Firefly temporary tattoos, promo posters and shot glasses. Drawing and prizes after the show!

After we know, the time of the showing, we will email those of you who RSVP; with the time, prices, and website of the theatre so you can pull down directions as needed.
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Happy Capitalist

Young Adam Baldwin

I am watching the second DVD on the Directors Cut of the Outsiders and just saw a small portion of a 19 year old Adam Baldwins audition for the movie


Nice surprise on this of all days
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