September 23rd, 2005

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Jus' wonderin'.

I haven't much time right now so this is rushed. Basically I got into Firefly because of Buffy. To elaborate: I loved Buffy SO MUCH that I'd pretty much watch anything by Joss Whedon. It took me long than I'd have liked though because I had to wait until the boxset came out.

Now... I thought nothing would ever be better than Buffy (I'm not talking about Angel because some days I love it, some days I HATE! it and I cannot articulate why this is). I didn't think a 14 episode series would surpass 144 episodes of Buffy. Although I prefer to think of it as 122 episodes because I loathe season seven.

Anyway, basically, Firefly has far, far surpassed Buffy - and any other series - in my affections. So my topic is:

Firefly is better than Buffy. Discuss.
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I wanna make a firefly t shirt for the press screening on wed in NYC and I need something good that Mal has saidm in Chinese. since I got the dvds from netflix and they were already sent back... I'm SOL. So... can anybody give me any good chinese quotes?
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I went to see Serenity last night, the movie based on the now defunct series of Firefly (a Joss Whedon
show). It was the red carpet premier at Universal and my first viewing
of the movie. Lots of the folks I went with had seen the movie at least
once before. Anyway, I wanted to put down my memories of the event
before I forget them (not that I could any time soon but you know) so I
can look back and remember them for a long time.
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X-posted (please forgive the redunant stuff mentioned, I wrote this for my personal journal and most of my flist doesn't get the signal! ;) )
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Dang it dang it dang it dang it....

The Alamo Drafthouse's (Austin, TX) sneak-sneak-preview of "Serenity" (with Kaylee and River in attendance!) tickets went on sale at 5 pm today. I'm just now able to get online, and it's 6:45. The tickets are, of course, sold out. I didn't have a chance last night to write a poem to try and win tickets, but I didn't worry too much about it, since I figured that they'd only pick 4 winners. Was I ever wrong! They picked a whole long list of winners, including two good friends of mine. Yarg. I should have taken the time last night to write a poem or four.

*smacks forehead*

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Does anyone know where I can find really good quality Firefly/Serenity pictures?

I'm in need of a really good photo with all the cast members that i can print out. My friend is going to get it signed for me tomorrow.

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Well this is the last week before Serenity hits theaters. Do your best to talk to all your friends about the show and the movie. I really hope the movie does well. I want to see the series revived or some more movies. I am soooo excited to see the movie. I put the trailer to the movie on my myspace( about a month a go and since then have had sooo many comments from people interested, who have bought the tv series, rented the series and excited to see the movie. Anyone in seattle going to the 10:20 showing next friday downtown at the meridian 16 theater?
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Apparently, my muse is just as bad a procrastinator as I. If only I could have come up with the inspiration for this last night.....

For River

Delicate broken bird, I love you,
cherish you, and hold you
under my wing.

You glow from inside.
A candle
But you got burned
And your firery emotions
which can not be restrained
break over the surface.

We'll fly together, mei mei,
together always.
I will protect and shelter you while you sleep.

Though we fly through turmoil,
We will find serenity.
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