September 24th, 2005

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Who all is going to the Indy (Indianapolis), Galaxy 14 theater on Friday?

(Basically, the theater they had the screening at.)

Anybody besides me? ;)

Do your part to help Serenity. Please.

Hey there. Just dropping by to prompt you all to go and see Serenity when it comes out. And not just see it. Buy as many tickets as you can, invite friends and family and strangers! In order for "Firefly" to continue doing its phoenixy thing and rise from the ashes, the film Serenity needs to make big money. Well kinda big. To the tune of $80 million dollars worldwide.

So I'm visiting every fandom site and LJ community listing "Firefly" and/or Serenity as an interest and posting a similar message.

Thanks! We will do the impossible and that shall make us even mightier than we already are.


I am a person of little words, those who have read my posts can attest to that. So when I say something..I mean it. So here goes...
Yes I have seen Serenity....and WOW. I have been a fan since day one, as well as a Joss Whedon fan and I knew to expect the unexpected. With that said, I cannot sing the praises of this movie enough and as one of the lucky bloggers who was invited to the Shindig on is my blog.

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The Place to Be

Thank you for ya'lls time
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I am currently in the UK, and while on a little shopping trip today I stopped by WHSmith and found Collapse )

I was also wondering if anyone knows if there'll be a red carpet premiere of 'Serenity' in London? And if so, where?

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"Maybe it'll be a cult hit on DVD."

A nice sneaky snarky Firefly reference in this week's Onion.

Fox Cancels Apatow's 40-Year-Old Virgin
September 21, 2005 | Issue 41•38

LOS ANGELES—Executives at Fox TV canceled Judd Apatow's box-office hit The 40-Year-Old Virgin Monday. "We love Judd's work, but aging virgins aren't a demographic we're looking to target," Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori said. "Maybe it will be a cult hit on DVD." Virgin joins Undeclared, Freaks And Geeks, The Ben Stiller Show, and several unaired TV pilots on the list of critically acclaimed but canceled Apatow projects. Fox TV executives said the cancellation will allow them to focus their efforts on Stacked, starring Pamela Anderson.
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