September 25th, 2005

Beautiful Mark


I work at Blockbuster and we get free movie tickets about once a month, here this summer we've gotten Four Brothers, Hustle and Flow and you guessed it..Serenity.


Problem? My co-worker and I, who got me into the show, will be in Disneyland the WEEK of the premiere. We were planning to go anyway and would have paid to go even after seeing it free because we want it to succeed so much.

So hit up your Blockbuster friends. Maybe they got them too. And then when it comes out pay to see it again. =)
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New SERENITY bracelets on eBay--COOL!

Hey, e-bay has some cool new Serenity silicone bracelets! One is black with the Chinese and the word "SERENITY" and the other (my favorite) is a blue one with the Chinese and "BLUE SUN". I found it by typing "serenity firefly silicone bracelet" in the search box--(the Browncoat bracelets are still available, too).

Thanks media_babe!

For those of you who were confused by this (as I so was) they do in fact send out confirmation letters, and make requests of you if you want to ensure a ticket to the press screening.

Remember--BRING THE LETTER WITH YOU, or you will be remanded to hopeful glances and counting on there not being enough fans to fill the theatre--something none of us actually want!
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Belfast mini-convention

I remember at the Serenity con in London that I moaned at Chris Buchanan - in the form of a question in the middle of a guest talk, I do apologise - that if there were further screenings in the UK (this was just after they had, like, one in London, I was foolish then, I didn't think Universal would be as kind as they have been!) could they please not leave out Belfast, as we are always overlooked and we are rather bored up here in the wastelands of the north?

What's the point to this story? Well, clearly somebody listened because not only did we get a screening, we're also getting a visit from Summer Glau and Jewel Staite!!

12th November, in the Odyssey Pavillion - in the cinema apparently, I'm not *quite* sure what that means - we're being treated to an appearance by the two lovely ladies, courtesy of Uncharted Territories, with autographs and guest talks and free stuff and loads of other goodies. So it's not just a signing appearance - I've been to events run by these guys before, and they really are just like tiny conventions. Only they're like seeing your favourite band play a tiny venue - you get to see more of them than you might do at the big events.

I imagine anybody from Northern Ireland reading already knows about this, but in case they don't, there's your blurb. And you know, if any of the rest of you fancy a holiday... ;)

More info at and tickets on sale 1st October. Thankyou!!
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Hey guys. Major help needed again.

The Good: Movie comes out Friday. WHEE!
The Bad: I can't find a midnight premiere anywhere near me.

I live in Carroll County, MD, if that's helpful, but anywhere within an hour and a half, two hours of me I'm willing to go to. Any further than that and I have to draw the line, because I have to be in school that day. Eep.

I know this is asking a lot of you all, but I've been looking for a week or two, and I STILL can't find anywhere. If you'd help me look, I'd REALLY appreciate it. THANKS!

Seattle screenings, anyone?

Thus far, I've only been able to find one theatre in the Seattle area showing Serenity on the 30th at all, and none showing any advance screenings or even midnight shows.

Any other Pacfiic Northwesterners can help a guy out here?
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