September 27th, 2005


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As luck would have it, hardly anyone signed up for the Blogger's screening tonight in Albany! I just called Grace Hill media to confirm and find out if a lot were going. :) w00t! I can write about it in my blog and for the campus paper! Expect a wave of 12,000 people seeing it next weekend!

Also, any of us Brownskirts here? Just curious.
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Jayne Cobb Hat

Does anyone have the Jayne hat (oh so very cunning it is too) in a CROCHET pattern??
i wanna make it before the 30th (yeah close much?) but i CANNOT find a pattern
at all
except in knitting!!!

Who has the HOOKUP for shrimpy!?!?!?
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philly browncoats?

i'm looking for someone (or multiple someones) in philly to go see 'serenity' with this weekend.

i figured you guys might be able to help.

the only catch is, i can't go on friday or saturday night, since i'm stage managing a show both nights.
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Hey, everyone! I just joined the community and thought I would join in the rainbow and sunshine that everyone seems to be spewing because of Serenity coming up in a few days!

Admittedly, I haven't been a fan of the show from the beginning. I guess it all started around May or June-ish. Whenever two of my friends got to see a pre-screening of the movie. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and pretty soon my fiance and I were asking to watch the DVDs with them.

By the time Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA rolled around I was super excited to meet the cast, but unfortunately when Nathan Fillion cancelled it pretty much ruined my life. Or something close to it. We did run into Jewel Staite in the bar one night, though. My friend got a pic with her, but she had to run to dinner. Her husband was having some party at the con. I think it was his birthday or something.

Anyway, lately my fiance and I have been zipping through all the DVDs in preparation for the movie, and it's becoming like a driving force. The show is amazing, because it really has a way of getting under your skin and making you care deeply about the characters and everything that happens to them.

It's no wonder I love it, though. The snarky humor and sci-fi/western feel reminds me a bit of Brisco County Jr. which was another show I loved way back in the day. Although, Firefly is straight up about being sci-fi whereas Brisco County suddenly became that way towards the end. XD

My favorite characters are Mal and Inara. I love them all, though. It's very rare that all the characters in a show capture me. If I had to pick least favorites, I guess I would have to say Simon and River, but I still like them. At first I thought Simon would be my favorite because he looked like he would be a badass. But, alas, he's not. XD And River is just...interesting. I guess I just can't identify with her.

So, that was my long-winded introduction. Back to work for me!

(I almost called this entry "You win this round, Joss Whedon.")
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anybody coming to the 34th st NYC premiere?

I had hoped to create a custom tshirt so I could say "look for the guy in *this* tshirt! but cpu died and my other laptops aren't hooked to the printer and trying to connect it...

INSANE. I don't need the headache.

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The shirt design I posted got such a nice response, I thought I'd show you guys the rest of the designs I made.

Word of caution -- if you do decide to make a shirt out of any of these, make sure you flip the image. I didn't, and it was a bad situation -- I lost two iron-on sheets. Stupid Kimmy.

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Serenity: The Screening

My wife and I literally got home from our evening in NYC, where we attending a press screening of "Serenity". I still need to get my thoughts together on the film itself. I can say this much: as a "Firefly" and Joss devotee, this was something very special and meaningful. I am even happier to report that my wife, a casual fan at best, was gushing over the film the entire way home. Browncoats...we have a winner!

Anyway, I just wanted to share in how cool an experience it was. This was a free screening, so it took some time to consider how much we wanted to pay to get into the city. In the end, we hired a driver, which turned out to be worth the irony. After all, with the kids and time being what it is, we rarely get to go out on the town. This doesn't quite qualify as a "night on the town", but it was well beyond anything we've ever done before.

So we get there really early, mainly to beat traffic coming in, and see a short (but growing) line of Browncoats outside the theatre. We knew our breathren because they were wearing "Serenity" gear and playing "Firefly" DVDs on their laptops. But we quickly realized that none of them were the Universal reps that I had to report in with. These were fans who signed up for passes, and were lining up just in case there were open seats.

Instead of standing in line, we got to roam around town for a while. About 6PM, as the line outside grew much longer, we simply walked up to the Universal table, gave our name, and we were handed our tickets. Simple as that. It was incredibly cool. Even if everyone wound up sitting together, we got the pick of our seats (and yeah, we sat in the sweet spot), and after hearing about how some bloggers were mistreated by other promotional groups, I was gratified at how smoothly it went.

But I don't see myself as any better than any other Browncoat, and it was great to have so many fans in the theatre at the same time. It was something I missed with the LotR films, despite going on opening day, or even Episode III. This was a crowd of fans. We all laughed at the same places, cringed at the same moments, and applauded as one. Considering how annoying it is to go out to the movies these days, this was quite a treat. Nearly everyone stayed to the very last frame of the end credits. (And may I say how cool it is that screenings don't have commercials and previews?)

So now I have to get my thoughts together on this film and everything that happened. It's going to be tough. It could take a couple of days, because there's a lot to say. But I can say this much. I want to see it again. My wife wants to see it again.

And I can't wait to see what comes next.
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After a hard week...Serenity

This is shaping up to be one of the hardest weeks I can remember, work-wise.

But I got my ticket for Serenity today, and I'm seeing it Friday afternoon with a bunch of old friends. Then I'm seeing it again with my wife that night, on the first date we've had in a while.

A double-dose of Serenity in one day...I need it.
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Can't Stop the Signal DC MD VA Serenity Premiere Party Details

From the NOVA Firefly Meetup Group

We will be meeting at the Regal Gallery Place Stadium in Washington, DC on Friday, September 30 at 7:00 pm for the 7:20 pm showing of Serenity!

Following this we will trek across the street to California Tortilla (approx 9:30 pm) where we will enjoy good vittles and all manner of jocularity in celebrating the return of our “Nine Rebels on the Run.”

There will be trivia games, a costume contest (yes, we will even let greycoats in just this once), and shiny stuff straight from the LA Premiere last week!

The Gallery Place is easily accessible through Metro and tickets are now available online. The address is 707 7th St., NW Washington, DC and the number is 202-393-2121.

For information on California Tortilla, go to
The address is 728 7th St. NW Washington, DC 20001 and the number is 202-638-2233.
California Tortilla offers a special “Burrito, Soda and Movie” deal for $11.99