September 28th, 2005


The Screening

I saw Serenity last night at a screening in Sacramento. I loved it. It was everything I hoped it would be and I cannot wait to see it again! I was glad to see just about every seat at the theatre filled.

My thanks goes out to all the Browncoats who helped make the screening enjoyable. Now lets go out and beat that $80 million mark!
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orange lilies

(no subject)

the Sci Fi channel showed a 30 minute special last night, all about Firefly and the making of Serenity. I captured it and got yousendit to work (a minor miracle, let me tell you). So the first lucky fifty, have at-- and hopefully some of those that get it will reupload for those that see this after the links have expired. if you put the new links in the comments it makes it all nice and orderly :) (hint, hint.)

these links are both for the same file -- don't grab one and then the other, because that's just redundant and wasteful ;) It's about 87 mb, about 22 minutes, and you'll need the divx codec for it. If you start to play it and you only get audio, it's because you need to download and install the divx codec. Google, and you can get it for free. :)

Big Damn Movie in Providence

Well, Warwick, RI, actually. If there are any other Rhdoe Island Borwncoats out there, a few of us will be meeting up at the Outback across the street from the Showcase Cinemas on Bald Hill Rd. before the show. We're going to either the 7:25 or 9:40 showing, depending on when folks can get there. Reply if you want to join up with us!
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A dilemma only a Browncoat could have ...


Not one day after I bought my tickets for this Friday, the movie ticket site updated its showslate - and now the BDM is showing on the biggest screen in the area! Do I trash the old tix and lose $22, or save the money and see the movie on a considerably smaller screen?
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right, first... ARE there any NH browncoats here?
well anyways
as listed in Moviefone, but not even fandango!
we will be going to Concord NH, prolly the 720 showing on friday night! dinner before, we are thinking a TGIFridays.
lemme know if you wanna join up!
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Ephiny- Amazon Queen

(no subject)

Hello, hello! My name is Dena and I am 18 and falling IN LOVE with Firefly....

I have only gotten up to "Bushwhacked" the first disc... Tonight I am going home to watch the second disc. I am watching it through Netflix. I hoped I would be done with the series by Friday so I could go see Serenity but I won't be until AT LEAST sometime after Friday.

Just saying hello though because I have a feeling if firefly keeps getting better, like I know it will. I MUST become active here.

Alright browncoats, I am off. If you don't mind, if you would like to hear my opinions on the next few epoisodes I will share when I finish them.

(no subject)

Attention all Sacramento Area Browncoats:

WHEN: Friday, Sept 30th
WHAT: Serenity Opening Night
TIME: 7:15pm showing
WHERE: UA Market Square Arden
COST: General Admission Price at Theater (ranges from 9 to 10

Prize drawing, lots of fun

Bring everyone you know. must fill a 670 seat theater. bring your
serenity virgins along. Bring your firefly virgins along. Bring
strangers off the street along!

Theater is Jazzed about the idea.

Please purchase your tickets ASAP, bring your friends and family. IF
we can sell out this screening, folks only have to wait 30 minutes
for another showing.

Are you excited???

Disclaimer from the Theater:

The prizes are not guaranteed.
Beautiful Mark


Is anyone from the general Fresno area (Madera, Clovis etc) going on Friday to see the movie? I work Friday and Saturday night so I was planning to see the movie Friday morning or afternoon. I'm going it alone, so I was hoping I could meet up with someone and not be a total loner loser. If not, I'll be the total loner loser working for that trilogy. =)