September 29th, 2005

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I just have the urge to share that I'm making my friends and I shirts for the premiere, withe hearts that say "SERENITY" on the front, and the logo on the back. It took me freakin' 8 and a half hours to do two of them.

But it's so worth it. I love how they turned out.
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While studying for my english test I decided to check the comics online. No reason other than to procrastinate.

Fox Trot just earned a special place in my heart.

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For the first time in my life I'm going to follow my Horoscope (Libra)
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Orlando Browncoats

Hey Orlando Area Browncoats!

There's a 10:30 PM screening of "The Message" tonight at Loews Theater at Universal Studios! Tickets are only $5!

And while we're on that, is anyone here going to the official Orlando Browncoats Shindig tomorrow night?
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Josh Marshall's quickie review of Serenity

Josh is one of the best-known US political bloggers.  He was somehow able to host a series of Serenity sneak previews for his fans.  Here's his reaction:

the movie was a lot of fun -- even for this guy who'd only seen a few episodes of Buffy and never even heard of Firefly. Everybody I talked to after the screening loved it. Not high concept exactly, or maybe more of the concept would have been discernible if I'd seen the series, but fast-paced, electric and exhilerating. Sort of a mix of the Matrix, with Total Recall, various Harrison Ford movies, dystopic science fiction and the language and moral outlines of old-fashioned westerns. It ran about two hours but felt like about twenty minutes.
-- Josh Marshall
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Good news on the critic front

At the time of this writing (5:20 pm Eastern), Serenity has a 77% approval rating overall, and 80% approval from the "cream of the crop" (reviewers like Roger Ebert). Check out Rotten Tomatoes' compilation here!

Edit - 6:29pm EST - 80% generally, and 89% from the cream of the crop! From the New York Times:

It probably isn't fair to Joss Whedon's "Serenity" to say that this unassuming science-fiction adventure is superior in almost every respect to George Lucas's aggressively more ambitious "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith." But who cares about fair when there is fun to be had? Scene for scene, "Serenity" is more engaging and certainly better written and acted than any of Mr. Lucas's recent screen entertainments. Mr. Whedon isn't aiming to conquer the pop-culture universe with a branded mythology; he just wants us to hitch a ride to a galaxy far, far away and have a good time. The journey is the message, not him.

AND it's been in the top 5 Most Requested, usually #1, every time I've checked Moviefone this week. :)

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Hello =)

I was wondering if there are any German Browncoats out there?
I feel a little lonely, and the BDM is gonna be in theaters tomorrow everywehere but here. As I attended the Firelfy Marathon in Munich, I was lucky to see it already, but I'm desperate to see it again on the big screen.
Illegal Alien

Browncoat Uniform

Went to the local Goodwill after work, thought I'd be there for a half hour...

In under 120 seconds I located my brown coat. Just the right touch of modern and western. I'm ready for tonight.

(I'm a very short and slight-of-frame guy, so this was a miracle)
Glee - Somebody To Love (Glee Live)

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Joss was interviewed on Radio 1 (UK) at 3.45am this morning. I recorded and edited the entire show down into just the bits that include Serenity mentions :)

Bloke makes the premise sound a bit naff (Star Trek meets the OC he basically says!) and the girl doing the interview overuses the word "geek" but overall, pretty positive!

10mb version, includes the song 'Going Through the Motions' from Buffy's musical episode

8mb version, has 'Going Through the Motions' cut out - otherwise exactly the same as above

Serenity: The Reviews

Despite two very long days dealing with work and personal obligations, I've finally had the chance to put together my thoughts on "Serenity" and my "Firefly" experience. I've designed the site in four main sections:

1) "Serenity: The Screening": My comments from the night of the screening

2) "Acheiving Serenity": A short recounting of my personal journey as a Browncoat, which is probably going to be a work in progress

3) "Serenity: A Non-Spoiler Review": An objective look at the film with no spoilers and thoughts on how the film will be received

4) "Serenity: The Browncoats Review": An in-depth analysis of the film, with tons of spoilers and commentary on the film in context with the series

The first three sections are complete, and the final section should be done within the next few days. I hope everyone gets a chance to see the movie this weekend or soon thereafter, and hopefully I'll see some of you in the theatre in the weeks to come!
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Glee - Somebody To Love (Glee Live)

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Hotdog magazine (UK) has a fantastic Serenity review and interview. I've typed up the editorial (first thing you see when you open the magazine is Mal, Jayne and Zoe, woo!) and the review, but the interview is 5 pages long so you'll have to wait til I (or some other kind soul!) find a scanner :) There are a couple of other tidbits I may edit in later (Old vs New: Han Solo vs Captain Reynolds and Mal in the 'Space Fashion' feature!)

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And to give it some context - Hotdog reviews 28 films this issue, including Corpse Bride, and Serenity is the only one that gets 5 stars!
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This may seem like a stupid question, but when is the release date for Serenity in the UK??

Also, does anyone know anyone else who has seem the film yet but didn't watch the series? What was their reaction? I'm just worried that people won't 'get' the film as much.