September 30th, 2005

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I can't be the only person disappointed with this movie.. can I?

Edit: I should put a disclaimer on here that this post may contain spoilers for the movie. I should have done it last night but it was 3 in the morning.. sorry. :P
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Just got back from the 12:01 showing in San Francisco. I was the only one in my group who opted to dress up (my favorite character-Wash). I even brought a nifty hat and a toy dinosaur that I clutched through most of the movie.

Nothing to do now but sleep.
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So what's everyone's local paper saying about the BDM? The 'San Jose Mercury News' gave it 3 stars! (I haven't read the review yet; saving it for my lunch break. But I had to glance!)

Also, anyone care to place bets on how many reviews will be titled "Serenity Now" or some variation? ("Serenity - Wow!", "Serenity How?", etc.)
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FireFly Today!!!!

I am soo excited to see the movie tonight. I heard last night that its already sold out downtown Seattle where I am going tonight. Hopefully that is the case everywhere today. Make sure the see the movie 2 or 3 times and take your friends.
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Browncoats United: A Love Story

Hey, guys -- I'm a reporter and freelance writer out of southern Louisiana, and I put out a weekly pop culture/humor column, and this week, I'm talkin' Serenity. I thought I'd share.

I'm meeting up with my Browncoat friends to see it tomorrow. I can't wait. :)

THINK ABOUT IT: Browncoats United-A Love Story

EDITING to mention the column now also features a "bumper sticker" I whipped up for the Browncoats website contest... before I realized the deadline had passed. ;)
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Waffle movies glowing review of Serenity!

OK, only people who live in the DC/Metro area might know who this guy is...but there's a local movie critic who goes by the name "Willy Waffle" and every Friday he goes on the radio and does a couple reviews. Well, he just reviewed Serenity and was flipping out over it! He said it may be better than the first Star Wars movie.

Here's his written review from his website:

I'm so excited! I'm seeing it at 11 p.m. tonight with several people who have never watched Firefly so it should be interesting. Well, two of my friends have seen SOME of it. One friend's boyfriend has never seen it, and my other friend has never seen it. So if anyone is interested, I'll come online tomorrow and report on what they thought of it, having never seen the show.
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Serenity check-in topic in my LJ

Just for the hell of it I created a check-in topic for people who have seen Serenity. The rule is: post a comment once and only once for each time you've seen the Big Damn Movie. Obviously, you can post a second, third, twelvth time as you see the movie again.

The entry is at . Feel free to post pointers in other BDF communities and in your own LJ.
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"Browncoats" belt

I was just invited to a special showing of Serenity at PIXAR Studios last night, and I really, really wanted to wear a brown coat for the occasion, but I didn't have one I liked. So, I figured, 'Hey, I work with leather!' and made this instead:

Collapse )

Forgive the bad pictures; I'm by no means a photographer..x_X;

I was thinking about offering a few of these belts for sale, but the screenings are so close, I don't know if anyone would be interested anymore. If any of you guys are, feel free to e-mail me.

X-Posted in various Firefly Communities.

Edit: Since LJ doesn't list my e-mail, if you're interested in a belt, my e-mail is at Just put "Stray Dog Strut -- Browncoats belt" in the subject. Then your measurements, praise, etc., etc., in the message.

That should make it easier for you. ^^;

I aim to misbehave

I'm so excited. I just had to post this.

A little over two hours until Serenity!

As I posted in my journal:

"Imagine you're a kidlet. It's the night before Christmas. You can't sleep because you're excited about all the loot you'll be getting the next morning.

That was me last night."


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Sorry if this has already been posted; I haven't had a chance to check my friends page today. MSN gave Serenity 4 out of 5 stars, and a great review.

Serenity review

(Edit) I do have to ask, where is Book?? Is he not in this?
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Extra ticket (Philly area)

If you're planning on seeing "Serenity" at 7:15pm tonight in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and still need a ticket (not sure whether we're close to a sellout or not), please comment and we'll meet up. I have one extra because my friend's wife can't come.
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Opening Day

Well, here we are, kids. After all the anticipation, disappointment at the pushed-back release date, guerrilla marketing, and sold out's finally here!

I was one of those lucky enough to see one of the previews, so now my excitement is centered on observing the reaction of the masses. I'm hoping that they're able to see Joss is a genius like we all have!

On a personal, girlie note, my boyfriend just watched all of Firefly over the course of the last few days so could equally enjoy the experience with me. I thought that was sweet of him ;)
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Big Damn Premiere!!

Yeah, it only took me like, a week, but here is my account of the BIG DAMN PREMIERE!!! (For those not in the know, that's the Red Carpet Premiere of Serenity, which I was able to attend last Thursday) I really should done this last week, but things kept happening, and I'd forget. Don't worry, this post will be spoiler free (I wouldn't want to let the cause of Simon's death slip).

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crossposted to a couple communities and such.
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For anyone still on a recruitment drive, here's a little guide I wrote to send to potential newbies to the verse, especially those who are getting more than a little scared by all these rabid Browncoats....

Opens in new window

If this isn't allowed here, sorry! I'm just getting excited!


Does anyone know of a place that has Firefly/Serenity costumes or tips/patterns on making one? Of particular interest to me are River costumes.

Many thanks!
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Small favour

Just a quick and hopefully polite reminder to the American Browncoats.
Please keep the wonderful non-spoilerness up after tonight.

In the UK we have to wait until Oct 7th to see the movie.
(and other countries who may be on the list may have to wait longer)
We also havn't had as many fan screening over here either.
So if you can keep putting the inevitable rants/raves behind cuts
it would be appreciated.

Ready... FIGHT!

So after seeing the movie a very important question came to mind. So very important in fact that it could shake, yes, the very foundations of the 'Verse itself!

WHO would win in a fight; Buffy or River?!

Ahhh, OMG!

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Now, don't get me wrong, I loved Firefly and bought the DVDs as soon as I could and thought that it's one of the best sci-fi shows ever. Still do, point in fact (though it can't beat BSG).


I just didn't like Serenity.

A short overview of why that was, with explanations (and don't worry, there were parts I liked, too):

Collapse )

Generally, I thought that in the parts when the movie wasn't trying to take itself too seriously, it was as good as the show. The only problem is, those parts were few and far between. On a whole, the movie just didn't feel like Firefly to me, and I think that if I hadn't seen (and liked) the full series, I wouldn't have enjoyed the movie. As it was, I'd give it the benefit of the doubt and a 7/10.

Of course, I went with a group of people, many of whom had only seen the pilot episode (if any) of Firefly, and only one shared my opinion - the rest loved it anyways. So no doubt I'm just in a minority.
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Is anybody else seeking out Serenity reviews and just bathing in the warmth as if we wrote or directed or starred in it?

I know I am. When the average grade you get is a B+ and the worst grade you get is a C, life is good.

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First time poster! I loved the movie, and even my dragged to it boyfriend liked it. Laughed, cried, and all of that. So here is my question: How full were the theaters when all of you went? I counted only 30-ish people at the 7:30 show tonight, and even though they all seemed into it, that isn't a whole ton of movie goers. Any similar experiences, or was this empty showing just a fluke?
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So there I was, peering over my roomie's shoulder searching for Serenity listings....when lo and behold, the Really Shiny Theatre in our area had a 12:30 am showing listed! Holy Testicle Tuesday! We were so excited we jumped on our cell phones, desperately trying to find a way to get tickets. We learned first hand that movie theatres these days don't want you to be able to talk to a live person. Ever. After a half an hour of awful hold music, press pound now's, and general wankery, I spoke to an actual human being...who told me the website was a Big Damn Liar. ::sniffle:: No midnight premire for me. I am put on pins and needles once more. Thought y'all might sympathize.
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Ahhh Xposted

Best damn movie of the year!

I had only one complaint... Dammit Joss... I am still dizzy!!!

Next time I see it I plan on bringing duct tape to hold me in my seat!

One amusing thing though.. at the beginning of the film, a couple of way wet behing the ears teens sat beside me and the male next to me kept whining to his gf (I assume) that this movie is going to be stupid, why did she drag him here etc... As I was walking to my car I over heard said teens talking about how awesome it was, most of it was coming from the teen boy in question.

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You can't take the sky from me

Just saw the movie. WOW. Will spare you a lenghty review; I just want to take a moment and urge everyone to take the five minutes to sit through the credits. It was made for us. :)

Plus, they totally play an instumental version of "The Ballad of Serenity" during the last section of them. I do not hesitate in admitting that I sung along.