October 1st, 2005

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My Serenity Experience.

Well, it's nesaccary to tell you that I broke my arm on the way to the theatre. I thought about going home and then to the hospital and then said that (peppered with mandarin swears) I am not missing this film. So I got there and there was a group of Browncoats, a very large group all in costume, several of which were from the UK (hinthint) and it was awesome. So while we were waiting for the theatre to open, I commented that their costumes were real shiny. Before the movie started, there was singing and general fun having. During the film it was silent except when we laughed, gasped or sobbed. We were all pleased, and before you ask, I'm fine, drugged and splinted, I'm fine. I'm a BDF, I guess.
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I wish out theather had a bigger crowd of browncoats to watch with... but it was wonderfull anyway.

Laughed. Cried. The whole bit. Overall- I LOVED it. Loved seeing everyon back again.

There were a few things that I was nitpicky about- but overall it was just- love.

LOL- the funniest nitpick I have, -- and I may even be wrong about it, maybe it was there the whole time, and I just didn't notice before-- but when did Serenity get that "bug-legs" landing gear? It kinda creeped me out.

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Small Moments

Cross posted to my own journal...

There were two little moments in Serenity that stood out as my favorites. They were love letters to the fans snuck in completely undercover. Has anyone posted about these yet? My apologies if I'm mentioning old news - just saw it last night for the first time and tried to remain fairly spoiler-free till then.

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I love that those moments were there. They were winks to the fans, but subtle enough that someone who came into the movie cold didn't feel left out of the joke.
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Would love to write a review of the film...

But that whole being on the computer thing is a good bit painful right now, as my back feels like someone ripped at it.

Anyway, I thought, reading some of the reactions to the BDM, that I'd post a link to a piece I wrote after I saw it the first time. THERE ARE HUGE SPOILERS, but it's not actually a review of the film so much as a discussion of Joss's worldview.

Also, I wrote a Mal-fic after I saw the screening. AGAIN, THERE BE SPOILERS! You can read that, too, if you want.

I swear, soon as I'm recovered a bit, I'll put in my two credits on the BDM.

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Good reviews for Serenity?!

Wow! I was just browsing over at Rotten Tomatoes, curious to see how the critics liked Serenity. Little prepared was I for what I found. They LOVED it! Not only did they Love it, but multiple critics compared it to Empire Strikes Back! They claimed it was fresh and original and a taste of something long missing from Hollywood these days! And they're right!

Now it goes without saying that being a Browncoat and seeing it for the third time last night, I absolutly love it (except for a few scenes I won't spoil). However, I never expected the critics to feel the same. On top of that, Rotten Tomatoes is generally harsh towards movies in general, and a score of 79% is AMAZING!

Now if we can just get the masses to acknowledge these reviews and get out to the theaters, perhaps we'll have more fresh produce for the box office in the future! My biggest fear is that come Monday it'll all be over. Let's not let that happen.

Don't Stop The Signal: Last Minute Conversions

Here's a little tale I like to tell. Last Saturday I showed the 'pilot' to a friend of mine who long procrastinated in checking out Firefly. After that, I loaned him the DVD set. While he only managed to watch 10 episodes through the week...my dvd set ended up converting his whole family. Their seeing "Serenity" tonight.

In the next weeks, if you can't talk'm into seein the flick, so them at least 1 episode. Maybe that will break down their resistance. But its worth it.

My friends' family will tell their friends and their friends...

So don't stop even though the BDM is out. Don't stop until the BDM is out of every theater in your state. Every dollar counts.
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Overnight Serenity Figure...

lifted from Whedonesque.com...

"Overnight data shows Serenity takes 3.9m at the box office on Friday coming in 2nd for the day, after Jodi Fosters "Flightplan". It beats "The Corpse Bride", "A History of Violence" and "Into The Blue". This is excellent news, as it puts the predictions on target. It also has the 2nd highest person count after "A History of Violence". Into The Blue did not do well at all."

Not a bad start for one night! Let's get those numbers up before Monday! The fight isn't over yet!
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For UK Fans

Scfi UK are showing all the firefly eps today Saturday and Sunday From 1pm-7pm. Chance to catch up or to get your friends and family to see how great it is.

Must be trying to cash in on all the interest sparked by BDM.
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Finding Serenity

Saw the movie twice yesterday, once with friends and then again later with my wife. The second time around, I definitely caught some things I missed the first time, and all the good stuff was still good the second time too. Things I thought were mistakes the first time, I realized are probably intentional the second time. The music, which I was worried about because it was a different composer, was incredible. The story is big and fun and surprising and had me drained by the end of it...and I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

My one-word review of the movie (spoiler-free!): Awesome.

Not in the Bill and Ted skater-speak sense, but in the "I'm in awe of this movie" sense. Because I am.

That is all.
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Those who hated Serenity, please post here.

I am very interested in your opinion!

Blast away.

And for those of you who loved BDM or don't want the BDM criticized in any way or feel the need to argue with people who didn't like the BDM, please stay away from this thread because you won't read anything you'll like and if you can't resist the temptation to post something negative in response you SHALL be deleted! :D

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For those of us who didn't like the movie..

I know this isn't going to be popular, but I'm one of the people who didn't particularly like the movie. I saw it with my boyfriend, who was a diehard Browncoat. He petitioned for the show, supported it in anyway possible, etc. We walked out of that movie disappointed. What's frustrating is that so many people who loved the movie get pissed off at us and others for not "seeing the genius", etc. I know, a lot of you guys are nice about it, but there are some people who just slam others just because they didn't like it. Remember, everyone has their own opinion and they have their opinion for their own reasons. Instead of attacking those for not "getting it" or whatever, just let it go. Saying stuff like "Don't you get it?! He's a genius! What's wrong with you for not getting it?!" or arguing and arguing over it isn't going to change someone's mind. The show was a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

One major thing to remember with movies is that there is not one single movie out there that has been made where every single last person who saw it liked it. There are always going to be people who don't. There are always going to be people who were disappointed for different reasons.

We're not all Whedonites. Some of us were just fans of Firefly. Let it go, and move on, and if you loved the movie, that's great. Good for you. Just don't try and righteously preach to those who don't. It's irritating, because I consider myself an intelligent invididual, and I do not appreciate being made to feel stupid or dumb over a MOVIE. Just because we may not have been totally down with the movie, doesn't make us any less of a Firefly fan, and it's not your place to say otherwise just because we didn't love the movie blindly.
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They took the sky from me.

I originally posted this entry back in May, just after we went to see the first advanced screening. Since there have been a lot of new Browncoats joining the community, I thought I'd repost it because the movie has finally been released and I'd like to share my thoughts with the whole group. The thoughts and opinions contained herein are still valid - I feel exactly the way now as I did then. In fact, I'm not even sure I'm going to go see the movie again. And before anyone sounds off that I'm being a bad fan, I'm not sure that I want to see it because I don't think I can stand the depression I feel when watching it. I still love Firefly, I'm still a Browncoat - but let me tell you, war is hell.


Ok, people, for those of you who have NOT seen Serenity, be aware that this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Probably more than most. I give away about half the damn movie. So, once again, MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS POST. If you don't want to know what's going to happen, please don't read.

Thank you, kindly.

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Quit yer snivelin', gorramit!

Okay, this is LJ, so asking people not to whine is a losing battle. But I'm seeing a lot of people completely de-railing the spirit of the Serenity and the Firefly 'verse due to dissatisfaction with the movie. I think it would be super keen (shiny if you will) if everyone would take a step back and remember one simple thing:

Every crew member and passenger of Serenity died.

In 2002, a broadcast company, who shall remain nameless, cancelled a series we're all keenly familiar with. At that time it killed all nine regular characters, sending them to that place where cancelled characters go. What they didn’t realize, though, is that in the Whedon world, very few good characters actually stay dead.

When you watch the movie, please keep in mind that what you're seeing is something that transcends all rationale. You should have never, by any stretch, been able to see these characters in a new story- on the big screen, small screen, or, due to copyright, paper. The fact that we were given another chance to fly with them, no matter what happens that you might disagree with, is a blessing.

So please... if you have issues with 'Serenity,' keep in mind that this movie was brought to you by forces from beyond the grave and that these forces will likely haunt you if you keep getting all emo about silly crap. The movie is for those of us who appreciate the hardships those involved had to endure to bring it to us.

And with that, I’m going to justify wasting space on your friends list by pimping something relevant to the Firefly 'verse (it's a good time, come check 'em out regardless of how you feel about the movie). Keep flyin.'
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(no subject)

Hey everyone^^ I have poken around for a while, but ever since the movie, I thought I would join seeing as I have no one to talk to about the movie and the show.

AND! I come bearing a costume^^ I dressed as Mal for a costume contest at a recent Sci-Fi event. I won first place, but I didn't think it was that good...*shrug* Hope you all like it^^

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(no subject)

I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that a lot of reviews are refering to Star Wars. Most of them make one (or both) of the following observations.

Serenity is like the first SW trilogy because it's fun swashbuckling adventures.

Serenity is better then SW ep 1-3 because they were neither fun nor swashbuckling and took themselves way too seriously.

and then you probably get comparrisons of Mal to Han Solo.

Personally I find nothing wrong with these comparrisons and I actually think they're right. I wonder how anyone else feels.
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Mals Crimes

Does anyone have either a screen cap, or the list of what "crimes" Mal has commited?

It was shown on the screen when "The Operative" was looking through the files on Mal, there were at least 3 listed. I remember one had to do with tariffs, so it was likely tariff evasion.

Any help?
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Here's one review you probably haven't read!

Okay, I just HAD to share this.

My favorite author is a man named Orson Scott Card. For those of you who haven't heard of him, he's a moderately successful scifi author who wrote a very highly praised book called "Ender's Game". It got the Hugo and Nebula, I believe, and the sequel, "Speaker for the Dead" got at least one of those as well. Excellent writer, and if you're a fan of character-driven stories, I highly recommend him.

Anyway, he has a website, and he tends to post his reviews of, well, pretty much anything he wants. He'll review music, books, movies, tv shows, grocery stores, ice cream, whatever he feels like!

Oh, and he reviewed Serenity.

A sneak peek.

Well, guess what.

It's great.

I'm not going to say it's the best science fiction movie, ever.

Oh, wait. Yes I am.

Also, he compares Joss to Shakespeare.

Here's his review of the show, also. Skip to the bottom.

(I can die happy now.)

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someone else will, if I don't make it

Browncoat's bracelet

Ok, so I lied; you don't have to wait until Tuesday. I don't like the letters quite as much as the "Westerny" ones I used on the belt, but the small Westerny set was too big for a bracelet.

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Also, they're too small to paint in, but they're really deep, so it's ok.

Edit: Wow, you guys liked the bracelet!
Ok, so I've tallied up the costs for those who are interested (these include S&H):

$35 - Bracelets
$75 - Belts

If any of you are still interested, my e-mail address (stray.dog.strut at comcast dot net for those who don't want to go looking ^^;) is in my info.

Also, since there's been so much interest, and since I'm kinda free for the next week or so, I've decided I'll offer custom bracelets and/or belts, for the same price, to anyone who's interested. Just..keep the belts to 20 letters, and the bracelets to about ten (including spaces).

x_n I haven't I gotten this many comments on a post since I posted my leather Wolf's Rain purse in the WR community.

I'm new

Hello people,

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Lucy and I only very recently got into "Firefly", though it was one of those keep meaning to see things for a while. I think I've seen 10 of the episodes so far.

First one I watched was the breaking into alliance hospital one...I was unsure how I felt about it. Then I saw the pilot and I was totally addicted.

What a fucking amazing show. It really just makes me want to blow up Fox. And honestly, why didn't Sci-Fi pick it up or something? Four million viewers isn't that shabby, when you're not talking BIG networks.

So anyway, amazing show. I blows my mind to think of all the shit on TV that's been on for ages, and this great saga being booted and messed with just like that.

I saw "Serenity" today (and I brought a non-fan. The theater looked fairly full for an afternoon.) The way to describe it, funnily enough, is the so overused entertainment jargon, roller-coaster ride of emotions. I have seen few movies that effected me that much.

I had just grown to love these characters. As someone said about the show, how rare is it when you love ALL the characters?

So here's my run-down.Collapse )

Overall, quite good, some fantastic parts. But not nearly as good as "Firefly." I do wish things could have progressed naturally and mysteries could have been solved without cramming it all into a movie. But I am really glad that everyone got a second chance.

I know what I want for Christmas...Mmm. EVERYTING related to this saga.

Questions, does the "Firefly" DVD have worthy extras? And how are the comics?
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Simple Question

A lot of reviews refer to Serenity as a "space opera". This is a term we hear a lot when Star Wars is involved. There are certainly comparisons to be drawn between the two franchises, but do you consider Serenity to fit that specific genre?
Trust your feelings.


Hello, everyone.

Does anyone have a .wav of Wash's line from the movie/video section of the website: "I'm a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar."?

If not could someone make it? I dont have the equipment or the know-how anyway.

I'm asking for a *sound* .wav, not a clip from the trailer or movie.

Thanks in advance!
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New Lease

New Lease

I don't know if this has been discussed in this manner before, but I thought I'd start a thread for ideas about the future of the franchise.

  • If you had your say, how would the Firefly universe continue? TV series, mini-series, TV movies, more features?
  • What is it called?
  • Do you have any ideas regarding the types of stories or situations to be covered?
  • Should it end here?
  • Any suggestions on how to explain any of the unanswered questions?

    Personally, I'd kill to write a spec script for a second TV series. That's like a dream job come true.

    Strictly hypothetical. Think of it as a wish list.

    Ok. I'm going to presume that this post will become heavily SPOILER-LADEN. (mwahahahaha...HA!) So tread gently.