October 2nd, 2005


A little help :)

Hey not too long ago a link to the song "I Wanna See Serenity" was posted and sadly the the link to actually DL the song was taken down. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to send me the song so that I can Dl it and have for my own haha. Thanks much :)
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I really felt like I needed a couple days after first seeing it to get my real opinion on it, and that was so true. I woke up the day after the midnight showing with "YOU MUST SEE IT AGAIN!" repeating in my head. Kinda creepy. So I saw it again yesterday and I plan on seeing it today. Hopefully.

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I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say about it when I see it again. I know there's so much I've forgotten.

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Hey! Firefly fans!

Serenity is not making enough money

Projections put Serenity at around 15 or 16 million this weekend.

It's barely made half that.

Where is the Browncoat army?

If you can afford to - go see it again, tell your friends to go, or just buy tickets. Do whatever you can. The only way for us to get more Serenity is to make more money, and right now, around 8 million isn't going to do it.

Come on. We're getting beat by Jodie Foster. That ain't right.

We did the impossible, and that makes us mighty. Remember?

Go show some box office love.


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Browncoats we have failed. The film only made a dissapointing 10 million in the box office. This means that Universal most likly will not make a sequal unless word of mouth and great reviews turn the box office around like last year's Polar Express. I PRAY THAT THE BOX OFFICE PICKS UP, I PRAY!
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Post-Serenity fanfic...

Hi everyone! I'm looking for post-Serenity fanfic, if you could help a gal out. I've got a piece buzzing around with Zoe as a featured player, and I want to make sure I'm not stepping on anyone's toes. Thanks in advance!
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I've been attempting to Promote Serenity best way I can.lol I've been advertising at this Soap Star's forum(B/c yes I watch soaps) in a fan to fan section and this chick goes "It looks stupid." I snaped back at her for that...you better believe.lol Browncoat gets a little BELLIGERENT about it.Probably immature of me.. and I know it's her opinion but she doesn't even seem to want to give the movie a chance. I hate people like that

Heading off despair

To counter the inevitable posts bemoaning of box office grosses not hitting the projections...

The battle ain't over until the DVD of Serenity hits the shelves. This is just the opening round. Every day
that Serenity is in theaters should be seen as a victory. Remember, NONE of this was supposed to happen. We
weren't supposed to get trading cards, comics, soundtracks, visual companion books, novelizations, action figures...none of it. Everyday that passes is a sign that we won.

But the fight for Serenity sequals is only over in the months following the inevitable DVD release of "Serenity". Hell even in that dead time after the wide release of Serenity and its dvd, their will be discount and dollar theaters that show it...

...and even if we dont' get 2 sequals to Serenity...we still done the impossible, we still brought the joy of our little show to so many people who wouldn't have known if it weren't for us. We changed the landscape of pop culture and DVD marketing/economics...

Its still something to be proud off; it shouldn't be something we should allow to be clouded over in despair.
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Ok Browncoats, I've been stumped. On the hunt for a decent desktop theme of our Big Damned Hero's to no avail.

Found alot of crap mind you, but nothing that extolls the virtues of the crew we love so dearly. So I come to you, fellow browncoats - where can I find a decent desktop theme?

Serenity: My In-Depth Commentary

I have finally posted my in-depth review of "Serenity". It's fairly long, as one would expect. I cover a number of topics, most importantly, how "Serenity" follows up on a number of character and plot arcs from "Firefly", why a number of plot elements are not contradictory or out of the blue, some commentary on negative fan response and rebuttals, and finally, some speculation about where the story could be going.

For fun, the beginning of the review is actually a comparison of what I predicted/hoped would be in the film when I wrote my last DVD review for "Objects in Space", several weeks before the press screening where I first saw the film, based solely on the open character/plot threads that I felt were most obvious in the series. Before that, I was spoiler-free (not counting the trailers), so I was basing those earlier comments on the series itself, not advance knowledge. In fact, this forms the majority of my argument that "Serenity" is completely in keeping with the spirit and direction of "Firefly".

Here's the link to my final review:


Oh, and lest anyone think that I'm ignoring anything negative, I do point out some of the things I didn't like or thought could have been done better. It didn't affect my enjoyment of the film, but I wouldn't want to lose my objectivity completely!
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"Firefly" Desktop Themes


I am generally known on "the boards" as BlueHoot. I have been a fan since the beginning. One of my contributions to the fandom was creating/compiling the origonal "Firefly" desktop themes (aka FF:DT). These themes were for windows. (sorry to those with another OS)

I was quite proud of this contribution (and frankly, the fact that I was the only one to do this publically...and I'd like to still be the one, enough of the pride tangent, hee!) but sadly FF:DT had to be taken down from distribution as I was having some hosting issues. Then computer death and thus losing them altogether. Kind Browncoats were able to send me most of the themes after a plea for help.

Though I am still looking for somewhere semi-permanent to house them (hosting anyone?) I am re-working the themes...well mostly the wallpapers.

I am considering requests.

Remember, this is a slow process as I work a lot, plus I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I realized the old ones sucked and its time for new ones (which still might suck).

So, lets have your requests. Please, no "Serenity" movie requests yet as that will have to wait until the DVD comes out.
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Vidders...request time...

Alrighty. I have a strange and wonderful request of anyone with vidding talent that was just wondering "What can I do next?"

Wild Wild West- Escape Club.

I know. My 80's is showing again. But I ran across the song just a bit ago and thought....That would make a great Firefly Fan vid. Alas, I don't have the technology or talent to make it myself.

Any takers?

Serenity Recap and Review

I was lucky enough to see two of the pre-screenings and wrote up all my thoughts after the June 23 screening. Reading through, my feelings still hold, so here's the link to my Big Damn Essay on Serenity.

This contains
Movie Recap
Meta thoughts on various aspects of the movie and fannish response