October 3rd, 2005

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This is actually my first post here.
I don't usually make introductions - but you know... I'm a fan and also a Buffy fan and I heart Joss and all that.
I've seen the movie twice already. I went as Kaylee at midnight and I'm going again this week for sure.

I'll probably just read a lot of posts here and comment rarely.

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Okay, I was just watching The episode Heart Of Gold, and something about this one bugged me.

When Inara finds out that Mal slept with another woman, she says it doesn't bother her, and she walks away, but then she breaks down crying later. Does she not understand the irony of this situation? Inara sleeps with other men, and sometimes women, as her job. Mal clearly loves her, even if he can't say it, and he has to feel like shit everytime Inara is with a client. Did this thought EVER occur to her? Is Mal supposed to remain celibate for her, even though she'd make no such accomodation for him?

I just think any Mal/Inara relationship is doomed as long as she remains a companion.
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First time poster here.

I went to see Serenity for the second time yesterday in Towson, Maryland. It was a 4 o'clock Saturday show, and the theater was about half full, but the best part was when I left quickly to go to the bathroom and an employee asked me if I was one of those people who had watched the series. "Why, yes," I said, and he asked me if I would recommend it. Seems he saw Serenity and was thinking about buying the DVDs of Firefly since he liked the movie so much. :)

Just thought I'd share. :)
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So with all the cut spoilerage, I got to thinking, why dont we just make another community called Serenity_Spoilers or something where we can talk freely. And those who join know that we will discuss in detail about the movie.

Just a thought.

Also, why dont we set up a web page where we can document how many times we've seen the movie, and where and on what days?

I think that would be a real interesting project.



No spoliers here, just wanted to say that I saw the movie opening night, and it was EXCELLENT, everything us browncoats wanted, plus some. Oh yeah, it made me cry as well. PLUR!
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You Are Starting to Damage My Calm!

Cross posted to my Journal.

I keep hearing a lot of my fellow Browncoats Whingin about how "poorly" Serenity did this weekend and I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I'm about to smack you people!

Get your heads outta your asses and in the game!

Just focus!

They said there wasn't anyway we were gonna get a movie and we choked 'em with those words.

We've done the impossible and that makes us mighty.

Just a little while longer, our numbers are gonna swell and we're gonna get two more, so you hold!

You hold!

Just think about it, 2nd place opening weekend, second only to the new Jodi Foster flick (keeping in mind that she hasn't made a movie in YEARS and that it's in it's SECOND week and on more screens than Serenity) and we only finished $5 million behind it. That a BIG DAMN GOOD for a movie that by all rights shouldn't even have gotten made!

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I just read a review of Serenity while at work and it said something to the effect that Nathan Fillion did not have the face to be in movies

what the F*** is that about?!

give me a break!
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Serenity Haiku

There appears to be no rules against pimping, so I thought I might direct you all to a great community where you can write (and read) haikus about science fiction, Serenity/Firefly included. :) If this post is a problem, feel free to delete.

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n00b + art

Hello! After nabbing a whole buncha icons from here and _the_firefly_, I thought I'd join and give a little something back, since seeing Serenity has given me the extra push to finally start fanarting for the series. =D

PLEASE NOTE that the images are sorta-movie-inspired fanarts that aren't spoilery in themselves, but can lead the yet-to-see-Serenity folks to speculate the spoilers. So please proceed with caution.

( this way )

C&Cs are immensely appreciated, and I hope you all enjoy!

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