October 4th, 2005

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Firefly personality quiz

Not sure if anyone's seen this or not. Thought I'd post it. You can take the test by clicking the link on the bottom.

You scored as Simon, the Doctor. Simon Tam, a former well-to-do young surgeon and bachelor extraordinaire.
You gave up everything to help your sister, which I respect.
However, you are also pompous and talk too much, which I also respect.


Simon, the Doctor


Jayne Cobb, resident bad-ass




Inara, the "Companion"


Captain Malcolm Reynolds


First Mate Zoe


Wash, the Pilot


Kaylee, the Mechanic


Shepherd Book


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Jacket Silhouettes

Some of my Firefly Vids

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Promised to provide a link to my Firefly Fan Vid to the cong “I Believe” so I figured that I would post up all the vids that I think are my best work to this point. Enjoy and please review. I’m always looking from feedback, even if you don’t like them, tell me why.

These are yousendit links so if you can’t use these or have trouble let me know and I’ll get another link.

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Haven - Nathan
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Hello UK Browncoats,

Over 3 years ago, Universal & UIP started initial work with Joss Whedon

And here we are. 2005. On the edge. Ready to roll. Or fly. Or,
you know, go to the cinema.

Serenity is, as we all probably know, a labour of love. It isn't a
case of "Woops, we happened to make this movie nobody cares about". It
isn't a case of "The actors don't care about these characters or
understand them". It isn't a case of making the story up as we go along.
There is a thread of stories which could span 10 years if this becomes a
franchise. All about the characters.

And so, it's time to get into cinemas from Thursday and Friday, and
have some fun in the 'verse.


Until then, here's some important tit bits of information about
tomorrow. Turn up. Visit the web sites. Shout. Make some noise. Make sure
people know what this is.

Please distribute this information across t'interweb - livejournals,
websites, forums, chat rooms - to make sure everybody knows.

GMTV - tomorrow morning - Nathan Fillion appearing!

GMTV - 9.30am on wards - Live web chat with Nathan! www.gm.tv

Pizza Hut - Leicester Square - 1.30pm - Browncoats meet! Just turn up.

MTV TRL - 6pm - Joss, Nathan and Summer LIVE on MTV!

London Premiere - 3pm on wards (*6pm official opening*) - Odeon West
End. Red carpet. Nathan. Summer. Joss Whedon. Turn up! Shout! Sqee
like pigs! Wear Jayne hats!


The movie then opens at select theatres on Thursday for advanced
previews. It then opens nation wide on Friday.

Take your family. Take your friends. Tell them it's a sci-fi action
film - you don't need to oversell it, just get them into a cinema and
the film will likely sell itself.

Enjoy Serenity - it's been a long time comin', and is well deserved for

Kevin (gossi)

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I dont know why some people really hate the movie. But it makes me mad. I saw on article where they called it the biggest flop of the year. I really hope this movie makes atleast 80 million to warrent a sequel. I would be so sad if this movie was the last we ever saw of the serenity crew.

I want the movie to do good so badly for my own selfish reasons and because I want everyone who has totally trashed this movie to eat their words. I dont really know why I am posting. I guess I am just frustrated because I think its one of the greatest shows ever the Movie was amazing. I have seen it twice already and I was happy to see the theater was actually full for a monday night.

So please go out and see it again. Tell your friends do what ever. Because I think the movie is going to need all the help it can get. I noticed even the commercials for the movie have stopped
like clockwork

(no subject)

'allo 'allo. :D Doing a bit of advertising for a community, if you don't mind. So yes.

Check out serenity_rating for some Firefly stamping action. Not my community, but promotion is fun, so eh.

What's a stamping community? You fill out an app, people vote on what character you most resemble. (And, hopefully, you do some voting, as well.) More or less like a quiz, hurrah. (And sorry if that's not enough of an explanation; brain is on the fritz just now.)

So. You know you want to join the party. <.<

Whoooo Firefly-time.
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Well, /I/ liked it.

I thought Firefly was a technically flawless television show. Flawless is a strong strong word, but I have watched and watch a ridiculous amount of television, and the regular pitfalls just weren't there. The acting, the writing, the camera-work, the editing, the effects ... I personally see it as one of the best-crafted shows.

Buffy, on the other hand, had loads of technical flaws for me, yet it was still my clear-favorite of the two because I simply related more to it, being a high school-tormented vampire slayer myself (though my vampires consisted of people I had crushes on who had no idea they were vampires, and my slaying consisted of saying something incomprehensible and then literally running away ... but that's hardly the point) who sacrificed himself to save the world (that is, if you count gluing a fake-gem onto the end of a broomstick and patrolling my neighborhood until it got too dark and creepy and then running home in an undignified way though at least I didn't trip).

Serenity, for me, bridged that gap. There were what I felt to be true Buffy moments in it that I didn't feel throughout the series -- I'm shallowly including fighting-style here -- and I am newly in love as I was when Buffy aired for the first time.

The part of this post you may actually appreciate: In a rare show of true activism, I have convinced my boss to subsidize taking the whole office to a Serenity showing. Which means all I have to do is get him to do so another 2 million times and we'll have ourselves a sequel!